Incoming Secretary of State Backs Pompeo’s Uyghur Genocide Designation

Secretary of State-designate Antony Blinken said ‘President Trump was right in taking a tougher approach to China.’

MIT Professor Who Received $19M in Federal Grants Arrested for Concealing Ties to China

Mechanical engineering professor Gang Chen faces charges of wire fraud, failing to file a foreign bank account report, and making

Biden Returns Donation from Dem Ex-Senator Who Registered as Foreign Agent for China

Boxer’s donation to Biden was just $500, however a spokesperson for Biden’s inaugural committee said they do not accept donations

GOP China Hawks Voice Fresh Concerns on Lloyd Austin: ‘America Needs a Wake-Up Call’

Lawmakers looking for a tougher approach to China worry Biden’s Pentagon pick won’t bring it.

Firm Co-Founded by Biden Cabinet Nominees Scrubs China Work from Website

Republican senators have already expressed skepticism about some of the Biden nominees’ business dealings, particularly those involving China.

Biden-Boosting Journalists Have Become the Censors

For many in the media, it’s not about investigating the alleged abuses of the powerful. It’s about getting Democrats elected.

The Capital Note: ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’ or Democracy: Choose One; Yield or Human Rights: Choose One

On the menu today: ESG (again), Renminbi revival, the economics of vending machines, the economics of the Spanish Flu, and

Henry Kissinger Calls on U.S., China to Set ‘Limits’ on Threats or Risk World War

He is credited with engineering the establishment of relations between communist China and the U.S., during his tenure as secretary

Trump Administration to Ban Americans from Downloading TikTok, WeChat

The Commerce Department will prohibit U.S. business transactions with messaging app WeChat beginning September 20 and TikTok on November 12.

USC Professor Who Used Chinese Word That Sounds Like English Slur ‘Not Dismissed Nor Suspended,’ Admin Says

USC’s Marshall School of Business’ dean is on the defensive after receiving widespread backlash for his handling of the incident.