Dem Senate Candidate Cal Cunningham Would Be ‘Hesitant’ to Receive Coronavirus Vaccine By Year’s End

Cunningham expressed concern that “political and financial corruption” in Washington could mar the vaccine approval process. 

Senate Republicans Cast Doubt on COVID Relief Bill’s Prospects, Prompting White House to Consider More Executive Orders

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell accused the Democrats of forcing unreasonable demands.

Pelosi Asks Salon Owner to Apologize for ‘Set Up,’ Pleads Ignorance on California Lockdown Law

Despite her own behavior, Pelosi has been vocal in telling Americans to wear masks and follow local guidelines to mitigate

Democrats Worry About Losing Support in Swing States after Unrest in Wisconsin

Democrats worry that the more violence voters, especially suburban swing voters, witness, the more they will lose sympathy for Black

Pelosi Declines to Hold Saturday Vote on Smaller Bill to Expand Unemployment Benefits

The House speaker said it could undercut negotiations on other Democratic funding priorities.

Party operatives steering millions in ‘dark money’ to 2020 election ads

(Erin Schaff/The New York Times) More than $116 million in political spending and 2020 contributions can be traced back to

‘Authoritarianism Has Taken Root’: Sanders Slams Trump for Using Troops against ‘Peaceful Protesters’

“Nero fiddled while Rome burned; Trump golfs,” he added, blaming the president’s actions for fanning the pandemic.

Rashida Tlaib Declines to Endorse Biden in Latest Sign of Progressive Dissatisfaction with Dem Nominee

Instead, she says she will encourage people to vote cast “a vote against Donald Trump.”

Graham to Call Robert Mueller to Testify after Op-Ed Defending Roger Stone Prosecution

Lindsey Graham said Sunday that he will grant Democrats’ request to have former special counsel Robert Mueller testify before the

Ohio Democratic Party Received $334k PPP Loan after Criticizing Coronavirus-Relief Program

A campaign-finance report disclosed the $333,867 loan, which was approved by the U.S. Small Business Administration on April 30.

Nadler Plans to Subpoena Barr after Saying He ‘Deserves Impeachment’

Democrats have called to investigate Barr over the abrupt decision to oust Manhattan’s top federal prosecutor, Geoffrey Berman.

Sen. Tim Scott Declares ‘We Are Not a Racist Country,’ Argues Dems’ Focus on Race Obstructs Police Reform

The Senate’s only black Republican made his remarks while unveiling the Republican police reform bill on Wednesday.

Minnesota Riots Hurt Klobuchar’s VP Nomination Prospects, According to Biden Ally

Klobuchar declined to bring charges against multiple Minneapolis police officers involved in shootings during her tenure as attorney for Hennepin