Democrats Will Pay the Price for Placating the Squad

The irony of the Squad’s fame contributing to Democrats’ losses is that their party’s weakness now empowers them even more.

Dem Rep. Says Pro-Trump Guardsmen Are ‘Suspect,’ Should Be Vetted as Potential Threat

Representative Steve Cohen (D., Tenn.) suggested on Monday that Trump-supporting National Guardsmen should be vetted as potential security threats.

Will Biden Govern More Through Legislation or Executive Orders?

Given Democrats’ razor-thin lead in Congress, Biden will probably resort to the ‘presidential pen’ approach.  

AOC: Nation Can Only Heal Once ‘Oppressed’ Southern States are ‘Liberated’

Her comments came during an Instagram live stream to her followers about the Capitol Hill riots and the effort to

Biden Returns Donation from Dem Ex-Senator Who Registered as Foreign Agent for China

Boxer’s donation to Biden was just $500, however a spokesperson for Biden’s inaugural committee said they do not accept donations

Dem Leadership Joins Trump in Calling for $2,000 Stimulus Checks

Following Trump’s remarks, Ocasio-Cortez and Tlaib announced a standalone bill that would send out $2,000 checks.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla to Fill Kamala Harris’ Senate Seat

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla will fill Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’s Senate seat, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday.

Dem Senators Blumenthal, Tester Oppose Waiver for Biden Sec Def Confirmation

Because Joe Biden nominated Austin for defense secretary in his incoming administration, Congress must grant Austin a waiver.

Schumer: Biden ‘Considering’ Forgiving $50,000 in Student Loan Debt via Executive Action

‘You don’t need Congress, all you need is the flick of a pen and President-elect Biden…can make this happen,’ Schumer

AOC, Progressives Push Back against Moderate Dems: It’s Time to ‘Take Our Gloves Off with Republicans’

Progressives said they are “afraid” of a future in which Biden attempts to work across the aisle with Mitch McConnell to

Biden: ‘I Don’t See a Need for Legal Action’ to Force Trump Cooperation with Transition

Trump has continued to claim victory in the election even as his representatives have yet to produce evidence of widespread

Pennsylvania Judge: Provisional Ballots from People Who Already Voted to Be Set Aside, Reviewed

Democrats have been winning mail-in voting handily in Pennsylvania and it has been key to Joe Biden overtaking President Trump’s

House Republicans Defy Polls, Set to Make Gains against Democrats

While many election results have been delayed because of high levels of mail-in voting, Republicans appeared poised to win over

Sanders Urges ‘Squad’ to ‘Make Sure Biden Becomes the Most Progressive President Since FDR’

Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, applauded the congresswomen for embracing more progressive policies.

Ocasio-Cortez Declines to Promise Support for Pelosi as Speaker, Will Back ‘Most Progressive Candidate’

The remarks came after Pelosi confirmed she intends to run for speaker again should Democrats retain their majority in the

Oklahoma Democrat Rejects Biden’s Promise to ‘Transition’ Away from Oil Industry

Representative Kendra Horn immediately distanced herself from Joe Biden’s claim during the Thursday presidential debate.

Boycott-Barrett Ploy Shows Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

It makes no sense to participate in the testimonial hearings that prove the nominee is highly qualified but then not

Dem Senate Candidate Cal Cunningham Would Be ‘Hesitant’ to Receive Coronavirus Vaccine By Year’s End

Cunningham expressed concern that “political and financial corruption” in Washington could mar the vaccine approval process. 

Senate Republicans Cast Doubt on COVID Relief Bill’s Prospects, Prompting White House to Consider More Executive Orders

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell accused the Democrats of forcing unreasonable demands.

Pelosi Asks Salon Owner to Apologize for ‘Set Up,’ Pleads Ignorance on California Lockdown Law

Despite her own behavior, Pelosi has been vocal in telling Americans to wear masks and follow local guidelines to mitigate

Democrats Worry About Losing Support in Swing States after Unrest in Wisconsin

Democrats worry that the more violence voters, especially suburban swing voters, witness, the more they will lose sympathy for Black