The GOP’s Avoidable Defeat in Georgia

The loss of the Republican Senate would not have happened without the character flaws that have always been the principal

Biden: $2,000 Stimulus Checks Will ‘Never Get There’ if Perdue, Loeffler Elected

Despite the president-elect’s assertions, Loeffler and Perdue came out in favor of the $2,000 checks last week.

As Time Is Running Out, Trump Campaign Files Stronger Lawsuit in Georgia

The new Georgia lawsuit raises significant and highly specific claims of illegality, in a departure from the approach of prior

Loeffler Refuses to Acknowledge Trump’s Defeat in Senate Runoff Debate

‘The president has every right to every legal recourse, and that’s what’s taking place,’ Loeffler said several times.

Loeffler Casts ‘Radical’ Warnock as Threat to the American Dream in Senate Runoff Debate

Georgia Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler hammered her Democratic opponent Raphael Warnock in their debate Sunday as a radical liberal and

Georgia Runoffs: Voters Take Stock of Their GOP Senators

Reading Time: < 1 minute Georgia voters go to the polls again in a month, this time for runoff elections

Raphael Warnock’s Checkered Past Under Scrutiny ahead of Georgia Senate Run-Off

Warnock has expressed support for Reverend Jeremiah Wright, President Obama’s former pastor, who has been criticized for anti-Semitic remarks.

Activists Worry New Georgia Voting Machines Open to Cyberattack

Reading Time: 2 minutes Thirty thousand brand new voting machines have been rolled out across 159 counties in Georgia. The

Georgia Certifies Election Results Despite Serious Flaw in Ballot Scanners

Reading Time: 4 minutes Jeanne Dufort, a poll watcher for Georgia’s primary election, did not expect things to go as

Voters in Georgia Frustrated by Long Lines and Broken Equipment

Reading Time: 5 minutes Tuesday brought chaos to Georgia, as voters across the state’s 159 counties stood in line for

Super PAC with ties to Georgia Senate candidate hides donors from primary voters

Image captured via Undivided Purpose Georgia Senate ad found on YouTube Note: Around an hour after this story was published,

GOP retirement spurs crowded primaries in Georgia’s 7th district

The retirement of Rep. Rob Woodall (pictured) has set off hotly contested primaries for both parties in the 7th Congressional

District Attorney Stopped Officers from Making Arrests after Ahmaud Arbery Shooting, County Commissioner Claims

Video of the incident in which the McMichaels, who are white, shoot and kill Arbery, who is black, sparked national

‘We Didn’t Know That Until the Last 24 Hours’: Georgia Gov. Says He Just Found Out People Without Symptoms Can Spread Coronavirus

It has been widely known for months that the coronavirus can spread through asymptomatic transmission.