Pentagon Hires Advocate of Total Withdrawal from Afghanistan ‘As Soon as Possible’

The move signals the administration’s desire to quickly withdraw U.S. troops from the Middle East before the end of the

Jeffrey Goldberg Says Sources for Trump Military Remarks Refused to Go On Record to Avoid ‘Being Inundated with Angry Tweets’

The editor-in-chief of the Atlantic said that his sources refused to go on record because they were concerned about being

U.S. to Pull 12,000 Troops from Germany after Failure to Meet NATO Spending Target

President Trump said it is a response to Germany’s reluctance to spend a greater share of its gross domestic product

Milley Apologizes for Attending Trump’s Church Photo-Op: ‘I Should Not Have Been There’

“My presence in that moment, and in that environment, created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics,” the

2020 Democrats’ Anti-War Fervor Would Be a Disaster for America’s Iran Policy

Fear of being associated with any war, no matter how justified, has helped tilt the Democrats back toward appeasement of

Families of Soldiers Fallen or Wounded in Afghanistan Sue Contractors for Allegedly Paying Protection Money to Taliban

Families of American troops and contractors killed in Afghanistan have sued U.S. and international contractors involved in Afghan reconstruction projects