Chief Justice Roberts Owes Us His Opinion on Presiding over Impeachment

Either presiding or not can be justified on the basis of multiple theories, and we should expect Roberts to put

Trump Does His Part in Scandalizing the Presidential Pardon Power

The president’s final pardons were yet another iteration of the two-tiered justice system that serves the wealthy and powerful.

Democrats Will Pay the Price for Placating the Squad

The irony of the Squad’s fame contributing to Democrats’ losses is that their party’s weakness now empowers them even more.

A $15 Minimum Wage Doesn’t Belong in a COVID-Relief Plan

It’s hard to argue that this hike has more than a tangential relationship to the problems caused by the pandemic.

Will Biden Govern More Through Legislation or Executive Orders?

Given Democrats’ razor-thin lead in Congress, Biden will probably resort to the ‘presidential pen’ approach.  

The ‘Late Impeachment’ Question

Precedent and purpose cut against the argument that the Constitution bars lawmakers from holding an impeachment trial after Trump leaves

GOP China Hawks Voice Fresh Concerns on Lloyd Austin: ‘America Needs a Wake-Up Call’

Lawmakers looking for a tougher approach to China worry Biden’s Pentagon pick won’t bring it.

Why One GOP Official Says His Fellow AGs Are ‘Playing with Radioactivity’

Ohio AG Dave Yost is going against the grain as other Republicans support Trump’s dubious post-election legal challenges.

Procedure Is Getting Us Through — For Now

The post-election drama has been contained by our constitutional processes. But Americans must believe the rules are legitimate for the

Amy Coney Barrett Wasn’t a Trump Rubber Stamp After All

All those dire predictions from liberals about her helping Trump in the election? Turns out they were wrong.

As Time Is Running Out, Trump Campaign Files Stronger Lawsuit in Georgia

The new Georgia lawsuit raises significant and highly specific claims of illegality, in a departure from the approach of prior