Christianity as Ideology: The Cautionary Tale of the Jericho March

We should pray that the dangerous mindset of this ‘stop the steal’ gathering remains marginal on the right.

Alito Takes Liberties With Public Health

Reading Time: < 1 minute Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito recently gave a speech to the Federalist Society in which

Margaret Atwood Contradicts Herself on Whether Judge Barrett’s Religious Group People of Praise Inspired The Handmaid’s Tale

The author appeared to definitively put the controversy to rest in an interview published Wednesday.

AOC Calls Statue of Priest Who Ministered to Leper Colony an Example of ‘White Supremacist Culture’

The priest conducted missionary work on the islands and ministered to a leper colony, until he died after contracting leprosy

Federal Judge Rules Cuomo, De Blasio Exceeded Authority by Restricting Religious Services While Condoning Protests

U.S. District Judge Gary Sharpe granted a preliminary injunction blocking New York from enforcing its coronavirus restrictions on religious services.

Catholic Priests, Orthodox Jews Sue Cuomo & De Blasio over Coronavirus Restrictions

The lawsuit claims that the governor, mayor, and attorney general violated the First Amendment and due-process rights of the plaintiffs

Trump Deems Houses of Worship ‘Essential,’ Threatens to ‘Override’ Governors if They’re Not Permitted to Open

The president lacks the authority to override state decisions regarding closures of businesses and institutions.

The Bill of Rights Is Not ‘above’ Any Government Leader’s ‘Pay Grade’ 

Governor Phil Murphy’s comments represent an ideology that is completely unacceptable for a government leader in the United States.

Australian High Court Overturns Cardinal George Pell’s Sex-Abuse Conviction, Vatican Applauds Decision

The ruling ends the most high-profile criminal case of alleged sexual misconduct to rock the Roman Catholic Church.