Pelosi Declines to Hold Saturday Vote on Smaller Bill to Expand Unemployment Benefits

The House speaker said it could undercut negotiations on other Democratic funding priorities.

The Capital Note: Lockdowns & Lumber

Small business, work from home, how a lumber shortage is increasing the size of one university’s endowment, and more.

Summertime and the Living’s Uneasy

Reading Time: 5 minutes At the halfway point, 2020 is shaping up as potentially the worst year for Planet Earth

Police, Wall Street, Pentagon, and White House Crime: What’s the Connection?

Reading Time: 21 minutes Two million Americans are infected with COVID-19 and 110,000 have died. Thirty-five million Americans are out

Three Million Workers File for Unemployment in Past Week, Bringing Crisis Total to 36 Million

Some 21.8 percent of the U.S. workforce is now unemployed, due to mass business closures imposed to mitigate the spread

California Becomes First State to Tap Into Federal Funding to Pay Rising Unemployment

On Monday the state began to access its pre-approved $10 billion loan for paying unemployment through the end of July.

Romney Proposes Plan to Boost Wages of Essential Workers over Unemployment Insurance

The senator’s plan calls for bonuses for front-line workers in healthcare and essential services who earn under $90,000 between May