U.S. Social Media Companies Cease Hong Kong Data Requests, Citing National Security Law

Several U.S. social media companies have ceased reviewing requests by Hong Kong authorities to search residents’ data, following China’s implementation

The Reopening: How to Doll Up Dining During Social Distancing

Reading Time: 3 minutes Coronavirus meets fashion in the Lithuanian capital city, Vilnius, as the country begins easing lockdown restrictions. 

Senate Passes Hong Kong Sanctions Bill following White House Delay

The bill places sanctions on individuals, entities, and banks that help facilitate greater Chinese control over Hong Kong.

North Korea Deems Talks with U.S. A Failure, Vows to Continue Nuclear Build Up

North Korea’s foreign minister said the U.S. had not followed through in its negotiations with the communist nation.

North Korea Uses George Floyd Protests to Paint U.S. as Racist, Touts China’s Rise

“Demonstrators enraged by the extreme racists throng even to the White House,” read a statement in North Korean state newspaper

Trump Admin. Plans to Expel Grad Students Affiliated with China’s Military

The proposed expulsion would affect roughly 3,000 individuals, a small percentage of the 360,000 Chinese students currently in the U.S.

Trump Admin. to End Waivers that Allow Some Foreign Businesses to Work on Iranian Nuclear Sites

It is unclear if the companies involved in work at Iran’s nuclear sites would cease their involvement in response to

China Warns U.S. Pushing to ‘Brink of New Cold War’ with Coronavirus Accusations

Continuing trade negotiations have been threatened as the two countries trade barbs over the coronavirus pandemic.

House Republicans to Probe Use of Chinese-Made Drones by U.S. Law Enforcement

U.S. intelligence agencies have warned that drones by Da Jiang Innovations could be used by the Chinese government to spy

COVID-19 Hits Hardest at the Poor — No Matter Where They Live

Reading Time: 4 minutes Nigeria has more people living in “extreme poverty” than any other country; the United States is

Twitter Says New Rules on ‘Harmful’ COVID Tweets Won’t Apply to Jan. WHO Tweet Denying Human Transmission

The company announced Monday that it would be labeling and providing context to “some Tweets containing disputed or misleading information

Reconsidering Decades of Western Outreach to China

Western institutions assumed that cross-cultural exposure would loosen the Chinese regime’s grip. But the risks of such exposure are just