Assange Indictment. Guantanamo Bay, Clinton mails, FICA Fraud.

This is an example of the word “Classified” or “Top Secret” or the use of “non-disclosure agreements” being used to hide or protect illegal activities by our own government. Yes, some information no doubt is crucial to be kept secret but the corrupt within our government hide their corruption behind the  legitimate need for secrecy.  In this case scenario who is the culprit, the truth tellers or those who hide their nefarious deeds?

State officials going after campaign finance regulation, ethics reforms

In Wisconsin, Republican lawmakers passed bills that would weaken the power of the new Democratic governor and attorney general.

Over in Michigan, lawmakers — inspired by Wisconsin’s tactics —- are trying to strip control of campaign finance issues from the incoming Democratic secretary of state

Federal Judge Opens Discovery Into Clinton Email Usage

Court Excoriates Obama State Department/Justice Department for Possibly Acting in “Bad Faith” and Colluding “to Scuttle Public Scrutiny” of Clinton Private Email Server Court Criticizes Current Justice Department for “Chicanery” District Court Judge Lamberth Orders “Proposed Plan and Schedule  for Discovery Within Ten Days”

Hawaii Federal Court Corruption Part 9 -Judge Seabright’s Grand Jury

I spent many years as a police officer. I was sworn to adhere to and protect our Constitution. It was an honor. But after many years of service I saw flaws in the system that concerned me. I retired many years ago and not until recently have I been awakened to the fact that my simple beliefs were and are not reality. Our Constitution rides in the back seat.