Justin Amash, rogue Republican is confronted at town meeting

Justin Amash a Republican, elevated himself into notoriety when he joined Democrats in calling for Trump’s impeachment was confronted by a young woman who pointed out inconsistencies and untruths in Amash’s allegations against Trump. Amash was speechless and obviously lost some composure.

The meeting was in Grand Rapids Michigan on May 28th of this year.

Amash, an attorney elected in 2010 has come under fire for alleged covert business dealings with China due to his receiving up to $1 million in annual income from his ownership stake in Michigan Industrial Tools (MIT). MIT is the parent company of Tekton Tools, Amash’s family business, that benefits directly from Chinese manufacturing.

Trade with China is providing American consumers with good quality tools that could not be made for those prices in the United States,” said John Amash, Justin’s brother, who is President of Tekton Tools.

Justin Amash’s Business Interests in China Underscore His Push to Impeach Trump

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