One child every 20 minutes

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Every year over 1.3 million children nationwide are missing. That’s one child every 20 minutes or 19 out of every 1,000 children every year.

The cause’s range from abduction by a stranger, parental abduction, runaways, throwaways, children seduced or involved in cults or children missing for unknown reasons.

Whatever the reason, the fact remains that the child is missing or has been molested. The bottom line is “they are gone or their life has been ruined”. A child abuse report is made every 10 seconds. Five children die every day as a result of child abuse.

Protectus Prol-A hand book

A retired police detective who specialized in crimes against children has written a short book for single parents. (primarily single mothers) This is a hand book for parent’s that explains how child molesters gain access to children and what can be done to prevent this. This book explains how parental situations can place their children at risk.  This book also explains what the indications are that molestation may in progress or about to occur. This book explains how parents can avoid situations that might put their children at risk.

Parents can be proactive and stay one step head of hazardous situations when they know how a molester thinks and what drives him to commit these terrible crimes.

There are numerous publications on this subject but we could find none that are as articulated as this book is about the hazardous situations that female parents can unwittingly place themselves in.

We are soliciting this book to all organizations that endeavor to stop the kidnapping and molestation of our children. A proactive way to stop this is through education. Our goal is to save our children and their nurturing atmosphere by offering this valuable information to charitable organizations who could distribute this hand book  to women free of charge. At risk women are women already in hazardous situations. These women have been abused themselves, who suspect abuse, whose sexual partners have been abused and who seek protection from abusive family situations.

If you are interested in this book please contact us at and a book will be sent to you free of charge for review. These books will only be sent free to charitable organizations or organizations that have a documented history of providing assistance to women with children.

The book is now on sale Amazon ebook  99 cents.



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