Why Are White Evangelicals Primed for Trump’s Fear-Mongering?

Reading Time: 15 minutes Why do self-described evangelicals overwhelmingly support an irreligious commander-in-chief?  Why do megachurches demand to stay open

OPS Public Safety Announces New Secure Underseat Storage for Pickups

The Underseat Storage has been carefully designed to ensure easy access from both driver side and passenger side. The dual

Vector Solutions Unveils New Application for Managing Law Enforcement Field Training Officer Programs

The three-part system not only makes it easier to provide training, but it also helps to increase safety measures in

Scientists Have Backed Away From the Worst-Case Climate Scenario — and the Best One, Too

Reading Time: 2 minutes In Portland, Getting Out of Jail Requires Relinquishing Constitutional Rights (Chris C.) The author writes, “Federal

More Separatist Rumblings Cloud Ukraine’s Future

Reading Time: 6 minutes Say “Ukraine,” and for many outside observers, the adjective “war-torn” often springs to mind. Yet its

Supreme Failures to Protect Elections from Partisanship

Reading Time: 8 minutes In July, Barack Obama tweeted, “Voting by mail shouldn’t be a partisan issue — especially during

A New Dragon Takes Speech Recognition Tech to the Cloud

Officers now have a thin client option for creating voice-to-text documentation that will increase efficiency and the efficacy of their

The Importance of Public Service

Public servants are elected officials who establish government policies, first responders and emergency managers who put policy into action, and

Pandemic Threatens American DREAMers

Reading Time: 13 minutes The US Supreme Court’s rejection of President Donald Trump’s attempt to repeal the Deferred Action for

Attorney for Fired Officer Charged in Death of George Floyd Files Motion to Dismiss Charges

The attorney said he will argue that the charges against Thao are not supported by probable cause. Prosecutors must prove

After Another Probe, Officer Darren Wilson Won’t Be Charged in Ferguson Shooting

Officer Darren Wilson—who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson six years ago—was again the target of a probe and investigation that

AOC Calls Statue of Priest Who Ministered to Leper Colony an Example of ‘White Supremacist Culture’

The priest conducted missionary work on the islands and ministered to a leper colony, until he died after contracting leprosy

Young Children Risk Being Undercounted in 2020 Census

Reading Time: 3 minutes Millions of people are at risk of becoming invisible as far as the United States government

Gun Sales Are Surging, but Background Checks Aren’t Keeping Up

Reading Time: 2 minutes This Recession Is a Bigger Housing Crisis Than 2008 (Dana) The author writes, “The impending flood

Schumer Pushes Tax Cut for High Earners as Part of COVID Relief Bill

Most Republicans oppose repealing the cap, saying that a repeal would primarily benefit high-income people in coastal states.

Seattle Police Found Explosives in Van Abandoned Near Site of Weekend Riots

“Explosions occurred outside the precinct,” the press release states. “Individuals in the crowd threw explosives at officers. One explosion occurred along

New York Artist Ordered to Remove Blue Line Painted on Roadway

An artist and activist who is a supporter of law enforcement officers recently painted a blue line in front of

Texas Officer Surprised by Wife Returning from Deployment Overseas

An officer with the Grand Prairie (TX) Police Department was conducting a press briefing when his wife of 15 years

YouTube Says Removal of Heather Mac Donald BLM Livestream Was a Mistake, Adds Age Restriction

After National Review reached out to the platform about the incident, YouTube reinstated the stream, saying it had been mistakenly