Influential lobbying groups battle over GOP coronavirus liability proposal

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images) Controversial liability protections for businesses that are a top priority for the

Despite Coronavirus, 85 Percent of Americans Are Thinking About Sustainability as Much as or More Than Ever

Reading Time: 2 minutes Oil Giants Help Fund Powerful Police Groups in Top US Cities (Chris C.) The author writes,

‘Dark money’ group tied to Tom Cotton targets Democrats in Trump-won districts

Senator Tom Cotton (Tom Brenner/Getty Images) A “dark money” group launched by allies of Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) is spending

U.S. to Pull 12,000 Troops from Germany after Failure to Meet NATO Spending Target

President Trump said it is a response to Germany’s reluctance to spend a greater share of its gross domestic product

America Decides 2020: Voting by Mail, Explained

Reading Time: 5 minutes Election Day will be November 3, but there’s little agreement on anything else. In America Decides

Asheville Officials Support Defunding NC City’s Police Department

Councilman Keith Young, said full funding should wait until a planned Sept. 22 strategy for Asheville PD divestment.

DHS, Governor Reach Agreement to Withdraw Federal Officers from Portland Riot Response

“That plan includes the robust presence of Oregon State Police in downtown Portland,” Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said.

‘We Were Basically Working for the Chinese Government:’ Former NBA Employees Detail Abuses of Students at Chinese Academies

The NBA received multiple employee complaints that instructors in China were physically abusing pupils, and that students were not receiving

Oregon Gov. Agrees to Cooperate with DHS on Portland Riots, But Contradicts Sec. Wolf on Removal of Federal Officers

Officers from the Border Patrol as well as ICE have been deployed to augment personnel from the Federal Protective Services

Google’s Web App Plans Collide With Apple’s iPhone, Safari Rules

Reading Time: 2 minutes Tracking What Happens to Police After They Use Force on Protesters (Mili) From ProPublica: “As protests

Federal Agents Have Left Seattle after Local Officials’ Complaints, Mayor Says

Mayor Jenny Durkan had rejected the deployment of tactical forces sent to the city last week, saying it did not

A Look at Both Sides of Portland Riots

The Federal Protective Service, U.S. Marshals Service and U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents were tired and frustrated. They didn’t

2 Colorado Officers Shot Following Pursuit of a Robbery Suspect

Two officers with the Aurora (CO) Police Department were shot while conducting a pursuit of a suspect who had allegedly

Georgia Man Arrested for Allegedly Attempting to Run Over Officer

A man has been arrested after allegedly attempting to run over a police officer in Georgia late last week.

Senate Republicans Criticize GOP’s Own Coronavirus Relief Bill: ‘We Have Unity in Disagreement’

Senate Republicans criticized their party’s own coronavirus relief bill in public comments and during a private lunch with Senate GOP

Rashida Tlaib Declines to Endorse Biden in Latest Sign of Progressive Dissatisfaction with Dem Nominee

Instead, she says she will encourage people to vote cast “a vote against Donald Trump.”

Trump’s new rules on drone sales benefit influential defense contractors

(Missy Ryan/ The Washington Post via Getty Images) The White House last week announced loosened restrictions on the sales of

Red Sea Corals’ Heat Tolerance Offers Hope for Climate Crisis

Reading Time: 2 minutes On Portland’s Streets: Anger, Fear, and a Fence That Divides (Gerry) The authors write, “To the

Zuckerberg To Testify that Anti-Trust Legislation against Facebook Will Only Aid China

Facebook chief executive officer will argue that any weakening of U.S. companies will cede territory to Chinese companies.

Mississippi Deputy Struck and Killed by Vehicle at Safety Checkpoint

Deputy Dylan Pickle and Deputy Zach Wilbanks were transported to a nearby hospital where Pickle succumbed to his injuries.

ProPublica Publishes NYPD Discipline Records Online

The non-profit news organization ProPublica obtained and then published in an online database the disciplinary records of nearly 4,000 officers

NYPD Chief to Command Staff at Meeting: “We Can’t be Afraid” of New Force Law

Chief Terence Monahan was referencing officer hesitation caused by the city’s new law that criminalizes even accidentally kneeling or sitting on a

Trump Admin. to Send Additional Federal Police to Portland

Mayor Ted Wheeler has condemned the deployment of federal officers to the city, accusing the Trump administration of “abuse” of

Conservative Justices Declined to Take Up Second Amendment Case after Roberts Signaled He Would Side with Liberals: Report

The four most reliably conservative justices were not confident that they would get a fifth vote from Roberts.

Zuckerberg, Bezos, Other Tech CEOs to Testify on Competition

Reading Time: 2 minutes Newsom Says Nursing Home Inspectors Will Be Tested for Coronavirus (Reader Steve) From the Los Angeles

Portland Rioters Injure Six Federal Agents With Fireworks, Lasers

Protests have been nearly constant in Oregon’s largest city since the police custody death of George Floyd in May.