Revenue Wire, Safe Cart, Search Quarry, PayPal, Blacks Media Inc, Registered Agents Inc., Charles Fink, Roberta Leach and the Federal RICO Act.

Sunday Post. 10-23-2016

Hire Search Quarry  to do a background check and before you know it there are five other companies involved and Safe Cart will cheerfully deduct a$19.99 payment from your bank account  for the rest of your life.


Seems these days organized crime is everywhere from Washington to the smallest  town and from Wall Street to the smallest business. Organized crime is all about stealing money and transferring this stolen (dirty) money into money that can be spent as if its hard earned (gray money).  There’ s no shortage of corrupt politicians and business persons who will take actions to get this “gray money”. The internet presents opportunities for criminal activity that is available to anyone with a computer.

But what about dishonest internet companies that slip through the cracks?  What about internet companies that operate with several partner companies to steal your money without the target realizing that it has happened?  What about companies who keep their owners identity hidden behind the veil of other companies?

US Federal law says that if more than one company, or person is involved in  illegal activities, the activities are a violation of the United States Federal RICO Act.(Organized Crime Act.)

Codefore Publishing had a situation as described above. The people at  Codefore Publishing are investigative journalists, and publish works in book form or internet news outlets.

Obtaining criminal background checks  resumes and  employment histories are prudent and a routine when producing articles based on facts.  Codefore Publishing became aware of many complaints on an internet company  who provides background checks. The company. ‘Search Quarry’ is one of many who have business practices similar to many other so called background checkers except for one sly illegal practice.

The information that caused the interest of Codefore Publishing  in Search Quarry was that some of the customers complained of bank account withdrawals  for services that were not ordered or purchased and that there were two other companies , involved in the transactions.  Paypal and Safe Cart.

Codefore Publishing went to the Search Quarry web site and paid for a background check using a Paypal account.  The purchase was for one criminal history and the onetime fee of $2.50 was charged and withdrawn from the Paypal account.   Although the criminal history provided by Search Quarry was not as complete as is typical from other criminal history searches provided to  Codefore, albeit there was a history

A month later there were two withdrawals from the Codefore Publishing bank account for  19.99 each totaling 39.98 from Paypal. A quick telephone call to Paypal revealed that a company called Safe Cart had invoiced Codefore .

We at Codefore had never heard of Safe Cart .  Paypal explained that Safe Cart had set up a re-occurring $19.98 monthly withdrawal from the Codefore Paypal account and in turn Paypal removed the cash  from the Codefore bank account..  Upon request  PayPal removed all future monthly  payments to SafeCart but Paypal did not have any information as to who Safe Cart was representing.  After a telephone call to Safe Cart a  representative told me that Codefore had made a  purchase from Search Quarry and that Search Quarry had indicated the purchase was for a perpetual monthly $19.98.

Having investigated organized crime allegations before, we at Codefore Publishing know a money laundering scheme when we see one. Further investigation would be prudent.

Codefore’s investigations always begin with background checks on all persons in situations such as this and we began with Search Quarry.


Who and what is Search Quarry?  Like most criminal enterprises the people involved in alleged criminal activity do not want their identity revealed ,for obvious reasons. Utilizing our regular search tools we learned that the Search domain is owned by Charles Fink  and is associated with Search Quarry LLC. a Nevada Limited Liability Corporation.  The registered agent for Search Quarry LLC  is  Registered Agents Inc.  another Nevada  Corporation. The Managing Agent for Search Quarry LLC is Blacks Media Inc.  A look at the ‘Blacks Media Inc”.web site, has absolutely no contact names. They also have a blog. The site says that they are a media company specializing in Paid Search Engine Marketing

Blacks Media Inc. Is a  California corporation.  CA#C3354251. The registered agent is Charles Fink, 2911 State St. Suite 0 Carlsbad CA   and is affiliated with  Also at the Carlsbad address is Carol Fink, Charles Leroy Fink, Charles L Fink Jr.

Mr. Charles Fink has succeeded in keeping out of the internet  lime light and  for now its not necessary to know more about him.

Safe Cart was a little more difficult to get information. We at Codefore have  some pretty good IT people and when they opened the Safe Cart Web page HTML we discovered that  Safe Cart is affiliated with Revenue Wire Inc.  a Canadian Company. There is an inactive United States business named  Revenue Wire in the State of Washington. The registered agent is Mercedes Mejia, 33530 1st way S.Suite 102, Federal Way, WA. Inactive means the license to do business in Washington has expired.

SafeCart advertises over a billion of online sales and  operates in over 200 countries but says nothing about any affiliates.

During our aforementioned telephone call to Safe Cart  the young man who answered the phone was familiar with our type of problem and verified that it was Search Quarry that initiated the charges. He was happy to help and reversed our charges. He said that the double charge of $29.98 would be deposited back into my Paypal account. It seemed as if Safe Cart was a part of Search Quarry and this Safe Cart person did not need to verify our information or even speak to a supervisor. He said that Search Quarry’s procedure is to automatically begin monthly deductions unless they are told not to, and advised us that we might want to call Search Quarry  to make sure they don’t  deduct the money again.  This young man did not know who owns Safe Cart.  It appears that the Search Quarry business plan is to throw as much S…t on the wall and keep what sticks.  Search Quarry knows that  the name ‘Search Quarry’ is not indicated on the customer’s  bank statement. This appears like intentional deception because when they “over bill” and the original billing sources is not indicated on the victims bank account, its difficult to dispute the charge..  Hence Safe Cart and Pay Pal  are thrown into the mix. How many people would take the time to find out who Safe Cart is and why they took money from a bank account?  Search Quarry knows that some customers will just ignore the charge every month.  At the very least, this is deceptive business practices, but the fact that unauthorized money is taken from a bank account until the consumer makes an effort to stop it is stealing just as if a bank robber goes into a bank, robs the bank and when caught says, “They didn’t tell me I could not take the money.”

As professional investigative journalists we know that sometimes to track an animal, what isn’t obvious is just as important as the obvious track you follow.  We know that people hide their identity for a reason and in the realm of businesses, hiding identity is usually not a sign of transparency and many times can be an indication of crime.

Who is Revenue Wire?

Revenue Wire, who actually owns Safe Cart is also culpable in any illegal actions by Safe Cart.  Revenue Wire is responsible for the Safe Cart business plan , operations and no doubt taxes.   But more sinister than that, if you are a customer looking for a responsible entity or person for Safe Cart, you will find it hard to locate a connection to anyone unless you visit the Revenue Wire Web site where Safe Cart is touted as a part of the Revenue Wire organization.  But how would a customer with a complaint against Search Quarry or Safe Cart know that the parent company of Safe Cart is Revenue Wire?  It’s as if Revenue Wire has decided that the “Buck” for any problems or issues or in any  investigation stops at Safe Cart and to do this, they have an internet “Arms Length”  connection with Safe Cart.  This is not an actual concealment but just as Search Quarry and Safe Cart are not shown on the victims Paypal bank withdrawal neither is Revenue Wire and Revenue Wire is not  publicly connected in any of the transactions that originate from Search Quarry albeit Revenue Wire and Safe Cart  gets their share of the money collected.


As we stated, we couldn’t find any proprietor names searching Safe Cart until we went into the HTML on their web site.  Its there that we saw the name

There is an inactive business named  Revenuewire in the United States in the State of Washington. The registered agent is Mercedes Mejia, 33530 1st way S.Suite 102, Federal Way, WA. Revenue Wire is a Canadian Company, and searching Canadian records is very difficult. To date using all of the available Canadian official search sites, no company named Revenue Wire, or Revenue Wire Inc. is indicated as an active Canadian company.  Its interesting that Revenue Wire claims to be a Canadian company, yet Codefore Publishing has yet to find a record of Revenue Wire and Revenue Wire claims to have an office in the United States, but the only location that Codefore Publishing could find is the State of Washington and that business license is inactive.

 Revenue Wire has an attractive web site.  It is on this site where they list Safe Cart as one of their affiliates.  The Revenue Wire web site says:

Revenue Wire Inc. an affiliate marketing company operates an e-commerce platform to online businesses for  selling digital and software products. It offers Safe Cart a converting shopping cart for generating sales in various  languages and currencies. The company also engages in the promotion of software products and digital offers in   the industry.  It serves online marketers around the world.”

The company was founded in 2007 and is based in Victoria Canada.  1205-4464 Markham St. Vancouver Island Technology Park Victoria, BC V8Z7X8  Canada. 250-590-2273. The following persons are listed on the web site as corporate officers.

Ms. Bobbi Leach (Roberta Leach)  CEO

Mr. William Ng. VP of Finance

Ms. Kim Krenzler VP Human resources

Ms. Sue Connors VP Business Development

Mr. Trevor Wingert Director of Development.

We did some research on Bobbi  (Roberta) Leach.  (Her published resume says that she worked for Proto Link (soft ware development) and El Group International (Website design company).  She also claims to have attended Athabasca University.   Athabasca is Canada’s only Canada based on line university.  Athabasca is supported by the Canadian Government and is predicted to go Bankrupt next year.  It’s unknown if Roberta Leach actually graduated and with what degree.  Here is what one of the students at Athabasca writes about his experience.

Athabasca University Reviews:
Computing and Info Systems – September 7, 2016 
For an online course this is nothing less than a travesty in design. Read a mediocre FREE textbook,
do some random questions as two or three assignments, receive no feedback through all of this,
write an exam. Rinse and repeat. If you’re after learning, skip AU, buy a QUALITY textbook and find an on-line community to guide you through it. You will be better off (and have saved yourself $700). If you need that piece of paper saying you took a course, well, there are no other on-line options in Canada so suck it up and just accept that you’ll have to do this. It counts. You’ll learn SOMETHING. But, you’ll be left shaking your head. So far I’ve taken three courses and they’ve been getting worse and worse. COMP200 was acceptable though uninspired. COMP268 Java was mediocre, at best and COMP272 Data Structures (& Algorithms) was downright terrible. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a self-starter, capable of self-motivating even through the toughest and driest material. These courses are not exactly tough, but, they are beyond dry and designed to fail. To give you a sense of my background: I have a multiple non-trivial degrees and a decade of experience as a (well paid) professional. I’ve taken great (free) on-line courses in recent years. That was not the Athabasca experience. Essentially what the course “developer” did was take a textbook and turn the chapters into the course. It’s a money making operation. They paid some poor soul a pittance to copy the textbook chapters and borrow assignments from other universities (which they don’t update… plagiarism must be a HUGE problem with these AU courses). Many on-line and regular computer science courses have practice assignments whereby you run your programs through an on-line testing interface to confirm that what you’ve done is correct. You’d think that an on-line course would make extensive use of such an interface. No such luck. You can hand in non-functional programs at AU and get full credit for an assignment. You also can’t get feedback on practice programs. The course advisors simply don’t have time. The only thing they get paid for (poorly) is to mark items and occasionally respond to queries. Hard these courses are not. To be honest, I am shocked, truly shocked that these courses qualify as accredited. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if an audit of these computer science courses (at least COMP 272 and 268) would rovolk their accreditation.

The fact that money is obtained by deception makes it a crime and the fact that there are more than two companies involved makes it a violation of the Federal RICO Act and the fact that these companies are transferring money internationally suggests the possiblity of numerous other Federal Crimes. 

Charles Fink, Search Quarry, Safe Cart, Blacks Media Inc,  Registered Agents Corp, Revenue Wire  and Paypal become RICO defined  Enterprises once the withdrawal  for charges that were not ordered occurs.   Search Quarry initiates the theft by charging a monthly fee for services not ordered, then gives the collection process to a “veil enterprise Safe Cart” who again transfers the illegal debt to Pay Pal who makes the actual bank withdrawal.  Albeit Pay Pal is probably an innocent company that is being  used for criminal purposes but  they cannot deny they are a part of the money chain.  Commercial Registered Agents Inc and Blacks Media Inc. participate in this organized crime by concealing the perpetrators actual identity. In doing so, these entities are RICO defined  ‘Enterprises’ and may be determined to be actually culpable in any and all crimes committed by the above listed companies.

Codefore Publishing is not going to try to initiate a Federal RICO Act violation investigation over $39.98 bank transaction but more investigation is certainly warranted.  We think that the best solution is to notify everyone via the internet about who and how these enterprises operate.

One must constantly beware of using credit cards or reveal bank information  to internet businesses.  To combat crooked retailers who sell defective products or products that don’t exist , actions have been taken protect the consumer. On line businesses like Amazon, Ebay, and many others have become large sellers of just about anything a consumer could want, from books to used clothing to that hard to find automobile part. And the items are usually sold for less than your local store. The problem purchasing items on the Web can be paying for the item via internet money exchange tools such as electronic transfers of money, credit cards etc:  It appears that Safe Cart has emerged as one of these money transfer companies. However in the Codefore Publishing case they are just a ‘middle man’.  This exposes the purchaser to fraud.  Purchasing and paying for your product involves a trust in your seller.  A trust that you will receive the product, in good condition and pay for the product in confidence that the payment terms and tools are secure and safe from those who would steal money from you.   There are no actual  guarantees that fraud will not happen to you.

Prudent Internet shopping can increase the odds that the veil of security surrounding your purchase has not been penetrated. Protecting your money requires shopping at commercial internet stores that have a good history of providing what they are selling and protecting their customers . A good indication of a reputable company is their transparency.  Many companies provide customer satisfaction reports for your review.

Ebay is a solid user of customer satisfaction reports, and in fact if a complaint of fraud is made to a Ebay about one of their sellers, Ebay will investigate and it there is a very good chance the customer will be refunded their money. Failure to return money for purchased items on Ebay can result in the sellers termination from Ebay. It should be noted that Ebay owns PayPal and another money transfer company Xoom.  All three are  reputable companies.

If your not sure of the company you  expect to purchase from, you can learn about past problems just by googling,  “XYZ company complaints.”   Some companies sell items and steal your money by not providing the item or using your credit card information to withdraw funds from your bank that were not agreed to.  Sometimes these companies simply close the doors and  start a new company when their complaints reach a point that their sales dwindle.  This is why transparency is so important.

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