John Podesta. How to Wash Millions & Get Hillary Clinton Elected.

John Podesta  Claims Center for American Progress Action Fund is a Non Profit “Social Welfare” Organization.  Codefore Publishing Disagrees and Says John Podesta and the CAPA Fund are Laundering money for Hillary Clinton.

Codefore Publishing has been researching and writing about Clinton enterprises for some time. The  early years Clinton Arkansas information is hard to find but some of it is actually there if a person looks hard enough. The Clinton Family Foundation so far has been well concealed and this secrecy keeps them in the money. Money laundering will not work without secrecy.podesta-group

It wasn’t until recently that information became available that provided insight as to how the actual passage of money was performed.  This information came from an unexpected source.  John Podesta and his Center for American Progress. The Clinton methods of operation have not changed since the Arkansas days. Money is electronically transferred from companies, or foundations, to other companies or foundations, sometimes 4 or 5 times before the actual cash shows up.  Please understand that you can transfer money electronically fairly easily and unless the money is actually deposited in an account and left there and spent it doesn’t exist. This is why “off shore” bank accounts are valuable to the money launderer.  This is also why you will not find the name Clinton anywhere in the Center for American Progress. You will however find that when you look at the below  included list of people that make up the Center for American Progress that they are all, in one way or another,are past or even present  Clinton colleagues.


 A case in point. When Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas he formed a State of Arkansas foundation named the Arkansas Development Finance Authority AKA the ADFA and Bill Clinton claimed this State owned and operated state organization was going to simulate the Arkansas economy by granting or loaning money to businesses. Bill Clinton was the sole administrator and made all decisions while he was governor. 

To make a long story short 60 million dollars showed up missing from the ADFA and no-one knew where it went..   There were all kinds of money laundering allegations and  people were dying etc. There were NY banks involved including AIG, foreign Asian Banks and numerous insurance companies and eventually journalistic  investigators connected the 60 million  to “The White House” (Clinton) 

Bill and Hillary the early years
Bill and Hillary the early years

The scenario continued and it was, if you could prove that the Clinton’s actually had 60 million dollars they could prove that it was not the 60 million dollars  missing from the ADFA . The Clinton’s position was that ,assuming you could prove that they had 60 million, it  was the 60 million borrowed via AIG and two Asian banks and they had the paperwork to show it.  AIG  most likely didn’t really want any part of explaining where they got 60 million dollars to loan the Clinton’s especially since they were  counting on the Democrat for 180 billion dollars in government  bail out so they created the loan on paper  and then forgave the Clinton note.  It was a debt that never occurred but  added it to their list of bad debts anyway.  Good for the Clinton’s, good for AIG and Hank Greenburg. A little loan paperwork was all that was necessary to seal the deal and the Clinton’s never really left their fingerprints on the money. 

Podesta’s Center for American Progress 501 c3 Charity. 

For those of you who do not know who John Podesta is, he is Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager as well as served for Obama and Bill Clinton. He has been pulling the strings for generations.

A review of Podesta’s Center for American Progress charity tax 990 forms filed with the IRS from 2001 thru  2014 indicate that CEO, and President John Podesta filed with the IRS as a 501 c from 2004 thru 2014.  All forms list John Podesta as either CEO President or Chairman of the Board.  He has never lost control, albeit he would like us to believe he has.  Note that the Organization is now referred to as  a ‘Think Tank’ group.  It’s all a IRS veil  to collect and wash money from sources capable of donating millions.

IRS 501(c) Groups — Nonprofit, tax-exempt groups organized under section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code that can engage in varying amounts of political activity, depending on the type of group. For example, 501(c)(3) groups operate for religious, charitable, scientific or educational purposes. These groups are not supposed to engage in any political activities, though some voter registration activities are permitted. 501(c)(4) groups are commonly called “social welfare” organizations that may engage in political activities, as long as these activities do not become their primary purpose. Similar restrictions apply to Section 501(c)(5) labor and agricultural groups, and to Section 501(c)(6) business leagues, chambers of commerce, real estate boards and boards of trade.

IRS Political Action Committee (PAC) — A political committee that raises and spends limited “hard” money contributions for the express purpose of electing or defeating candidates. Organizations that raise soft money for issue advocacy may also set up a PAC. Most PACs represent business, such as the Microsoft PAC; labor, such as the Teamsters PAC; or ideological interests, such as the EMILY’s List PAC or the National Rifle Association PAC. An organization’s PAC will collect money from the group’s employees or members and make contributions in the name of the PAC to candidates and political parties. Individuals contributing to a PAC may also contribute directly to candidates and political parties, even those also supported by the PAC. A PAC can give $5,000 to a candidate per election (primary, general or special) and up to $15,000 annually to a national political party. PACs may receive up to $5,000 each from individuals, other PACs and party committees per year. A PAC must register with the Federal Election Commission within 10 days of its formation, providing the name and address of the PAC, its treasurer and any affiliated organizations.

The CAP IRS 990 tax forms list all employees, Board members, Management etc. Coderfore’s editor JD Benish said, “As far as we can tell this corporation began in 2004 with contributions totaling about one million dollars that year  and every year  thereafter they didn’t collect and spend more than about 8 million.”  “Their stated purposes for the year 2004 is that one of their activities is lobbying. They use the term ‘educational work with policy makers‘ instead of the word lobbying.”

 The original 2004 IRS  filing states the “Primary charity purpose is:  ‘To develop and present arguments that support adopting or maintaining important public policies consistent with the broad principals of progressivism-opportunity, community, equality, justice and mutual obligation…. To educate the public about the consequences of conservative legislation and policies and the values and special interests that such measures promote.

In 2005 the CAP changed one of their purposes to: ‘The Action Fund also promotes a progressive agenda of new policy ideas and battles conservative policies through online activism, state ballot initiatives, and advocacy and educational work with policymakers on Capitol Hill, in state houses, with state legislators, and in City Halls around the country’  $844.966.00 were spent on this purpose.

In 2006 The corporations Program Service (formerly the purpose) Political activities increased: They ‘Published The Progress Report, a daily newsletter (from the Democratic liberal view point) a Political blog, (A political organization that also solicits donations) A daily set of talking points on a current issue. Rapid response communication vehicles including social and economic justice, healthy communities, Global Leadership, and a secure America and offer a sharp and well-researched critique designed to fight corruption, incompetence, media failures and the conservative agenda.’  $467.690.00 went to this activity.

Salaries began to increase with Susan Wartell making $200,000.

In 2006 (2007 IRS report year)  Senator Hillary Clinton was beginning her campaign for the 2008 Presidential election.

The 2007 IRS file for year 2006 indicated contributions of $3,146,131.00 and board members were now receiving compensation. They were no longer a “shell” company and were purchasing furniture and computers.  Their blogging had apparently paid off. Now that Hillary was in the White House as a Senator, the CAP “Service or mission” changed yet again.  The CAP budget allocated $1,865.344 to “Fund promote a progressive addenda of new policy ideas and battle conservative policies through on line activism, state ballot initiatives and advocacy and educational work with citizens and policymakers on Capitol hill, in State houses, with State Legislators and in City Halls and around the country.” The Blogging budget was raised to $511,945.   Since the CAP fund was conceived as a 501 c3 one would expect some grants to the poor or something. To date there have been zero funds for grants or donations to the needy but  $1,137,671.00 in wages and salaries were reported. It appears that John Podesta now had his political machine in place and ready for Hillary.

Later in 2008 Hillary was out of the presidential race and preparing for her tenure as Secretary of State to begin in 2009. The 2008 IRS report (for year 2007 when Hillary was in full candidate mode) CAP reported the astounding increase in donations of $8,653,399.00. The CAP claimed almost 5 million dollars in expenses for “Impacting the national debate and transforming progressive ideas into policy through rapid response communication (presumably their blogging and newsletters) public education grassroots organizing, a partnership with American Citizens, executive, legislative branch policymakers and progressive leaders throughout the country and world.”

 It should be noted that somewhere along the line, Podesta applied for a small change in the CAP tax exempt classification. The new classification on the 2008 tax return was as a 501 c 4 which allows for “Modest” political activity if: The rules should permit 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations to use electoral campaign activity as a modest component of their strategy to accomplish their social welfare missions, while protecting the right of voters to know who is financing electoral campaign activity and eliminating the misuse of 501(c)(4) organizations to sidestep the rules that apply to 527 political organizations.

In the case of CAP, the word modest as is relative to the total budget would not apply. 100% would be the actual expenditures for politics. And so without going through all of the IRS income returns, from 2009 to 2014 there has, like clockwork, been around 7 million dollars donated each of the later years and  all has gone to their political agendas with no modesty. However to protect their tax status they stop short of supporting Hillary Clinton but the big question is where does the 8 mil per year come from and where does it go? 


2014 IRS form 990 summary statement on the says the CAP desires:  “To shape the National policy debate and transform progressive concepts into policy”. The shaping of policy developed expenses of $6,755,176 and just to add a little credibility, $25,000 was given to an organization named Virginia Interfaith.

Codefore Publishing suspected that there might be another Foundation with a similar name and in fact there are  name variations used on the tax forms but all forms use the same Fed.  tax number 30-0192708.

This curiosity developed  because according to an article written by Ken Silverstein of ‘The Nation’  he claimed that the Center for American Progress had enough financial clout to guarantee a 25 billion dollar loan to dish out as “grants or loans” and that CAP at one time had 23 million dollars in assets.

Twenty five billion dollars in assets?  Where? We asked ourselves.  We must be looking at the wrong IRS tax returns. If they had that kind of “clout” it wasn’t in their bank account. There were a few inconsistencies in what the actual name of  Podesta’s charity is but its no issue because they all use the same Federal ID number and what bank would loan 25 billion dollars to a company that generates 8 million of gross income per year?.

This inaccuracy in the names doesn’t seem to cast doubt that they are one in the same as described in ‘The Nation” article, only the amount of wealth is questionable. The IRS may be interested in the differences between 20 million and 8 million dollars in assets  for the company Center for American Progress with  Federal ID number.30-0192708. It doesn’t seem to alarm the IRS that a company who’s reported income at its highest is around $8 million dollars is able to guarantee loans to 25 billion dollars. No mention as to who this lenders might be  but we know that the US government Department of Energy has its hands on numerous loan guarantee programs and we also note that at least one of the CAP employees was connected to the Department of Energy management team.  First Solar was one of the recipients of Government backed money (25 billion dollars) and is owned by CAP. (A charitable organization).  So its no surprise that some of the Federally guaranteed loan money to First Solar made its way into the Clinton Campaign Fund and CAP. 


Additional research on the Center for American Progress and its association with a company named Business Alliance and First Solar  both owned by CAP indicates that the CAP enterprise is possibly actually the size of the Clinton Family Foundation or larger.  Albeit, John Podesta is the Captain  of the  CAP Ship.

Bill & Hillary 7

Ken Silverstein further says: After growing rapidly in its first few years, tax records show, CAP’s total assets fell in 2006 for the first time, from $23.6 million to $20.4 million. Assets started growing again in 2007 when CAP founded the Business Alliance, a membership rewards program for corporate contributors, and then exploded when Obama was elected in 2008. According to its most recent nonprofit tax filing, CAP’s total assets now top $44 million, and its Action Fund treasury holds $6 million more. Exactly what records are “The Nation”  referring to.)

A confidential CAP donor pitch I obtained describes the American Progress  Business Alliance as “a channel for engagement with the corporate community” that provides “the opportunity to…collaborate on common interests.” It offers three membership levels, with the perks to top donors ($100,000 and up) including private meetings with CAP experts and executives, round-table discussions with “Hill and national leaders,” and briefings on CAP reports “relevant to your unique interests.”

The Center for American Progress, Washington’s leading liberal think tank, has been a big backer of the Energy Department’s $25 billion loan guarantee program for renewable energy projects. CAP has specifically praised First Solar, a firm that received $3.73 billion under the program, and its Antelope Valley project in California.first-solar

Last year, when First Solar was taking a beating from congressional Republicans and in the press over job layoffs and alleged political cronyism, CAP’s Richard Caperton praised Antelope Valley in his testimony to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, saying it headed up his list of “innovative projects” receiving loan guarantees. Earlier, Caperton and Steve Spinner—a top Obama fundraiser who left his job at the Energy Department monitoring the issuance of loan guarantees and became a CAP senior fellow—had written an article cross-posted on CAP’s website and its Think Progress blog, stating that Antelope Valley represented “the cutting edge of the clean energy economy.”

Though the think tank didn’t disclose it, First Solar belonged to CAP’s Business Alliance, a secret group of corporate donors, according to internal lists obtained by The Nation. Meanwhile, José Villarreal—a consultant at the power-house law and lobbying firm Akin Gump, who “provides strategic counseling on a range of legal and policy issues” for corporations—was on First Solar’s board until April 2012 while also sitting on the board of CAP, where he remains a member, according to the group’s latest tax filing. 


Just as if you walked into a bank and standing in the corner you saw  three men, all wearing masks and carrying a pistol your logic would tell you that they were bank robbers. This logic is called “probable cause” in a criminal court of law and when a police officer has this logic he is authorized to make an arrest..

So here we have John Podesta the campaign manager for Hilary Clinton and his “Charitable Organization” called Center for American Progress” in 2004 who’s charitable activities did not exist, but the political activities were prevalent from the start and consumed almost all of the budget. And the millions of dollars of contributions to this ‘Charity’ corresponded exactly to Hillary’s political career and aspirations and her need for ‘clean’ money.  But  this didn’t change the CAP statements to the IRS that they  remain tax free because they were a 501 c 3 corporation.

Once the donations became noticeably large, Podesta applied for a slight change to  the IRS non tax designation to allow a small amount of political activity in the good interest of the public and not in favor of any particular candidate or political party.  And just like the banditos in the bank, there are masks worn, not on faces but on the names of the CAP contributors because if it became known that any of this money is linked to Hillary or Bill or any of the Clinton’s own Charities it would violate numerous Federal and IRS laws to include the Federal RICO act. To further the analogy, just like the banditos in the bank probably have been arrested before for theft or bank robbery before,   the people involved in this Charity of Podesta’s are all political associates of Hillary or John Podesta and  although have not actrually been arrested because of lack of proof, as explained above 60 million dollars disappeared from an Arkansas State Agency under Bill Clinton’s watch.. its not Podesta’s or the Clintons  first rodeo as Podesta rode the Mena Arkansas bulls right along with the Clintons.


The word “money washing” should be explained further as to how it applies here.  John Podesta and Hillary Clinton have rules to abide by when it comes to accepting money for political campaigns. The money washing comes in when a non political entity, such as Podesta’s Charity, receives money from sources, whether the contributors are political sources or not and uses this money to the advantage of a certain political enterprise or candidate.(This would probably apply to all of the Clinton enterprises especially Hillary Clinton’s election funds)  And in doing so, disregards the  purpose or reason that Charities are tax free enterprises. Why tax an organization who gives support to the poor?  So in theory, when Hillary or Podesta or anyone interested in electing Hillary Clinton solicits  money and  suggests to the contributors that  it’s advantageous  to give it to Podesta’s charity because the money is going to help the Clinton campaign makes the contributors  complicit in money laundering . The donator and candidate not only circumvent campaign donation limitations, their identity is protected and the money is tax deductable. This tax advantage is a huge benefit for a person or corporation that wants to hide a million or two and support the candidate who usually sees to it that their money is returned to them on the backs of the taxpayers.  The Federal RICO law says that it’s not necessary that the benefactor of money laundering (candidate for office) receive cash.  The benefit can be in the form of many other things including favorable political advertising . And what else does the contributor receive for the donating the cash?  (That’s exactly what all the email controversy is about.) What’s in it for the donator?  Its not hard to figure and usually not difficult to prove violations of the RICO act, unless of course your the Federal Investigator and you are in your Federal position because of the efforts of the accused.

All of this could not be accomplished without secrecy and a wink and a pat on the back by our Congress, Judicial, and Executive Branches. We now  know how in-depth the Clintons influence is within the investigating agencies and DOJ in general


Center for American Progress Colleagues.

Joe Smolskis CEO Treasurer CAP fmr CEO Protestant Episcopal Foundation was fired amid Episcopal scandal involving construction funds from the Foundation “Soper fund.” The Diocese has used nearly one-and-a-quarter million dollars a year from the Soper Trust Fund to cover operating expenses. With the support of Bishop Chane, the Cathedral undertook a huge construction project for an underground parking lot that, according to internal sources, has been a financial loss. Despite the legal requirements of its nonprofit status for open financial disclosure, the Cathedral has not placed a full financial report on its website since 2008. Amid discrepancies surrounding Smolskis

Tory Carter Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration for the Center for American Progress. Prior to his position with the Center for American Progress, Mr. Carter-Conneen was the CFO and Interim President and CEO of the Victory Fund & Institute, a nonpartisan organization that helps outstanding lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) leaders win elections and serve effectively. Mr. Carter-Conneen also served as the managing director of Victory, overseeing all financial, programmatic, and operational functions of the organization, providing fact-based, metric-driven strategy development to drive organizational success.

Sara Rosen Wartell –Bill Clintons Deputy Assistant
Judith Feder Clinton Administration Department of Health
Hilary B Rosen Huffington Post Political Dir. Long time Clinton Supporte
Thomas Perez Barak Obama Sec of Labor
Peter Edelman Lawyer Author  and long time Clinton Supporter
Broderick D Johnson Barak Obama Assistant and Movie Producer
Clifton Larson Allen dba Allen Weishair & Co. CPA
Jack Jenkins-(
Joe Romm (
Alice Miranda Ollstein (Thinkprogresslorg)
Kira Lerner (
Ryan Kornowski (
Alejandro Davila Fragoso (
SenatorHarry Reid (
Aaron Rupar (
Natasha Geiling (
Lindsay Gibbs (
Josh Israel (
Laurel Raymond (
Justin Salhani (
Zack Ford (
Adam Peck (
Aaron Rupar (
Tory Cartrer (
Wendy Abrams a major donor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign
Anna Berger supporter
Christie Hefner Hugh Heffner’s daughter, Long time Clinton and Obama supporter
Harold Ickes Bill Clinton.US Interior Secretary, White House Chief of Staff
Ron Klain Chief of Staff Al Gore and Joe Biden. Ebola response Coordinator for Obama
Molly Mckusic
Neera Tanden Political activist. Transition team for Hillary Clinton, Associated with Think Progrss
Ted Strickland Colo. Democratic Ohio Governor
Tom Perriello Lawyer, Member Democratic Party past Representative Virginia
Carmel Martin  Exc VP policy CAP US Secretary of Education Obama Admin.
Deborah Holsten VP Finance CAP
Deborah Fine Hillary Clinton assigned journalist-Huffpost contributor-Clinton Supporter
Arkadi Gernehy CAP Senior Fellow- Expertise Crime, gun control,data innovation Contributor Nat Catholic Reporter Clinton Supporter
Judd Legum  Think Progress associate, Misc: Internet new contributor, Clinton Supporter
Virginia Inter Faith (we don’t know exactly what this is except that is a tax exempt charity)

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