I am a US veteran and retired US police officer.  I have spent a large part of my life defending the rights of the United States Citizens and I have the right and obligation to write this letter.

I do not claim to be the voice of any citizen other than myself however I believe there are others who share my beliefs and discontent with our government.  I was inspired to write this because of the pleading of those in Iraq who request the return of United States troops to Iraq to save their country from another insurgency. And also because I and a CIA friend were illegally detained, arrested and searched  at a border station in Tecate when crossing into the United States from Mexico.

To those distressed people in Iraq.  The United States did not enter and conquer Iraq based on the wishes of myself and I believe of the majority of the United States Citizens.  Our corrupt politicians lied to the Citizens of the United States and sent our sons and daughters to your country based on false accusations and proof that did not exist. We were told  that Iraq was a danger to our country. We now know that this allegation was not true.  Our brave sons and daughters went to Iraq without question. They served with honor and died with honor without question.  This is not the first time we, the Citizens of the United States ,have been lied to and committed to wars that we did not want.   It happened in Viet Nam, it happened in Korea and now it appears that our troops are committed anywhere (at will) based on the premises that we are at war with unknown opponents labeled as terrorists.  These actions against people on the planet fall entirely on the shoulders of our past and present Presidents and the Congress and Senate of the United States.  Although I served in the Army years ago I can tell you that most everyone I served with was there against their will. We in America are peaceful people and we are becoming angry and upset with those who are in power in this country.  I refer to them as a Cartel because of their rampant corruption.  As in other countries, our politicians rob our coffers and pass laws that exempt themselves  from prosecution.


In the United States our own children, the elderly, the unemployed and the veterans are homeless, are without medical care and in some cases are starving, yet our politicians continue to send our troops in harm’s way and spend trillions of dollars on the needy and sometimes not so needy foreign countries.

The United States citizens have begun early stages of protest, dissent and opposition to those in power in the United States.   Under these conditions it would be political suicide for any politician to proclaim that more US troops should be sent overseas.   Yet, the politicians continue to do so.  It’s as if they believe that they cannot be removed from office.

I do not believe that our Citizens will support any further military commitment or aggression that without factual support of direct threats against this country.

Our current Government administration is aware of the sentiment in this country and is doing their best to try to disarm the citizens.  Without arms, we the citizens of the United States are helpless to stop the corruption and unwarranted military intervention in foreign countries. That is assuming the US Cartel can continue to receive the support of our Military and Police forces.  A systematic purging of non loyal members of these organizations is probably eminent.


I believe the rampant and irresponsible commitment of our Armed Forces in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan is possible because of laws passed by our Senate and Congress that violate our constitution.  Laws like the declaration of war that has no ending and no specific named aggressors.  Laws like the Patriot Act that allows total freedom to violate not only the privacy of US Citizens but all people on the planet. Laws that apparently allow the incarcerations of your citizens even Citizens of the US for acts of terrorism that our Secretary of Defense this week admitted were without proof or evidence.  This was the case in fact when 4 alleged terrorists were recently released after 13 years of incarceration with no evidence of wrong doing no trial or exercise of rights of any kind.   This is not what my country the United States of America stands for. Nor will I (we) tolerate continued activity of this sort.

I believe that the purging from office of these criminals we call politicians has already begun in anticipation of the next scheduled elections .  This applies to all of the current politicians with no regard to their party .  It appears that they are all corrupt.

Good luck to the above listed countries.  I wish you no harm but I doubt you will see any further military help from the United States.  We must realign and repair our country before saving the rest of the planet.  I intend to do anything I can within my constitutional right to promote change in my beloved country.  The United States as a whole is resilient. Change will not happen overnight but it will occur.

JD Benish

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