Tracy Woolsey Ruff Murder Evidence Begins to Trickle Out to the Public

Public opinion can move mountains in the United States.  A 2012 request for further investigation into the 1993 murder of 4 year old Tracey Woolsey Ruff and later allegations of Federal White Collar crimes that resulted in a  request for a grand jury involvement has fallen on deaf ears in Hawaii. We know why. It’s not a lack of interest. It’s was to protect those in the Justice and Judicial branches of Government that are corrupt. How could the authorities open this 1993 murder case without exposing the corruption that surrounded the botched investigation itself?  It matters not to the corrupt judges and police departments how much evidence of this exists.

It has also been since 2012 when a man under the influence of alcohol , Todd Lee Schonlau. admitted to his girlfriend, Tiffany Kaneko , that it was him, not his brother that murdered the  Hawaiian blood princes, Tracey Woolsey Ruff on beautiful Inini Beach in Kauai.

There have been numerous previous posts by Codefore Publishing to bring to the attention of the public the injustice that lives in the State of Hawaii and  Kauai, and now in the Federal Government itself.  But the actual evidence has been held back in the belief that an honest federal judge would do his duty and see to it that this tragic case would be reopened and processed as would any other allegations of criminality.

Now its mid 2018. Federal judge John Michael Seabright has squashed a grand jury, a Circuit judicial complaint panel has ruled a complaint against Judge Seabright is unfounded and a motion for Circuit Court intervention is laying on a shelf somewhere within the 9th Circuit Court’s office.

its time for the public to scrutinize these actions for themselves.

We will begin with an early 2014 telephone conversation with one of two persons who wouldn’t give up. Long after the Kauai police department left the scene of the crime without locating the body of little four year old Lacey Woolsey Ruff these two persons continued to comb the ocean depths at Inini beach. One, the father of the child and one a young lone surfer and snorkeler Bill Yeron. Together Yeron and retired Detective Jim Benish discussed the crime, the crime scene and began to create a scenario as to what happened that day. The day a royal princess was kidnapped, assaulted and left for dead in the Pacific waters off the Island of Kauai.

This recorded interview with Mr. Yeron, who no longer resides in Kauai, has been redacted. The audio has been enhanced for better quality. It’s a combination of two separate phone calls and is slightly less than an hour long.

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