Hawaii Federal Judicial Corruption Part III Update: 9-04-2015

Update 05-09-2017


Judge Michael Seabright
Judge Michael Seabright

Hawaii Federal Judicial Corruption Part III Update: 9-04-2015


BREAKING:  UPDATE 05-09-2017  What are you thinking Judge? Does  the request for a Grand Jury that came from a citizen and not the Justice Department mean its not a valid request and therefore  the Supreme Court Rules don’t apply?  We think not!!! You should refer to the Courts definition of “document”

Judge Seabright’s court claims the Benish  Affidavit was verbally assigned or passed to the US Attorney’s office and below Agent Schwalb says she was eventually able to determine that someone in the FBI office received or heard of the Affidavit and she assumed it was reviewed but doesn’t know what action was taken. And there is no paper trail, no case file number and no Federal electronic Pacer identification number. There is nothing to establish the proper assignment of investigation on behalf of the Federal Grand Jury.  So if Codefore goes away so does the investigation?

Did someone sit on the Grand Jury Affidavit. Was it Seabright’s court? or the Hawaii US Attorney’s office? Or the Hawaii FBI?  Seabright’s clerk says she “verbally” notified someone. Doesn’t remember who.  She also said she personally gave the Affidavit to the Grand Jury. The Federal Document processing center Pacer has no record of the Grand Jury, or Seabright’s court documents in reference to this matter as required by law.

Processing a request for a Grand Jury is apparently  on the “Hand Shake” System in Seabright’s court..  (Not a US Supreme Court Rule  authorized document processing system.  Nor is Seabright’s court abiding by Rule 6 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.  

On or about 5/4/2017 Formal FOI requests have been sent to the Hawaii US Attorney, the Hawaii FBI office and Judge Seabright’s Court.  It’s unknown what the “Formal” written response will be.  Codefore is anxious for the response and explanations.


Re: Grand Jury
From Lian_Abernathy Lian_Abernathy@hid.uscourts.govhide details
To codefore codefore@aol.com
Mr. Benish –
I am unable to provide you with copies of the documents you have requested.  There was no court document generated to transmit your affidavit.  As for notification of the matter to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, I personally contacted the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Hawaii.  I did not memorialize my contact with them.
Lian Abernathy
Chief Deputy Clerk
U.S. District Court, District of Hawaii
(808) 541-1304
From:        codefore <codefore@aol.com>
To:        Lian_Abernathy@hid.uscourts.gov
Date:        04/18/2017 11:11 AM
Subject:        Re: Grand Jury

Ms. Abernathy,
Thank you, but maybe I was not articulate. I request the court document transmitting  the affidavit I submitted  to the Grand Jury that includes the date and time. I did not request any kind of court authorization. Possibly the term “Order of the Grant” was misleading.  Since everything that is received by the court becomes a  court document  the court should  have logged in the document and assigned an identifier. In addition, since Judge Seabright is the supervising authority for the Grand Jury I request the Courts notification of this particular case to the Department of Justice / US Attorney District of Hawaii who represents the the government and is advisor to the Grand Jury  where the Grand Jury is convened.. As the Affidavit Affiant and a US Citizen I’m entitled under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution to access the aforementioned documents, unless the Judge has cause not to provide them to me.
The reason for this request is not arbitrary. It has been 14 months since the court received the affidavit. You have referred me to the Department of Justice as the agency to report additional victims to. This implies that the Department of Justice has knowledge of the  Grand Jury and in particular this case does it not?
There is a problem. It seems the Department of Justice has indicated to me that they have no knowledge of this investigation and the FBI has implied the same. That being the case, and since I have no proof that neither of these Departments of Justice have been presented notification of any actions on behalf of me or the Court, it seems the ball is back in Judge Seabright’s lap.
The notion that there is no documentation as to what happened to the Affidavit and other documents after the Court received them is incredulous don’t you agree?  I am disheartened by your reply. Is a more formal request for these documents required? If so, Ill present the necessary formal FOI and First Amendment requests to the Court, the FBI and the Hawaii US Attorney for all documents relating to this investigation  and if the documents don’t exist no doubt there will be an explanation as to  why and by what authority or Rule action on my request has been denied. Or you can provide copies of these two few documents via email and Ill be on my way.

Jim Benish

Re: complaint call placed on 04/07/2017
From codefore codefore@aol.comhide details
To Jessica.Schwalb Jessica.Schwalb@ic.fbi.gov
Ms Schwalb,

Thank you, any chance I can get a copy of the referral?


—–Original Message—–
From: Schwalb, Jessica L. (HN) (FBI) (HN) (FBI) <Jessica.Schwalb@ic.fbi.gov>
To: codefore <codefore@aol.com>
Sent: Fri, Apr 21, 2017 11:37 am
Subject: RE: complaint call placed on 04/07/2017

Dear Mr. Benish,
I was able to track down your affidavit with the AUSA’s office and they did in fact refer it to the FBI. I have contacted the squad supervisor of WC-1, whose squad received your information.  I was told that they will review it again.
When I hear something back from WC-1, myself or an Agent from WC-1 will be in touch with you.
Thank you again for your patience,
FBI Special Agent Jessica Schwalb

United States Department of Justice 5-9-17


Seabright’s clerks have communicated to those who inquire that a affidavit request sent to Judge Seabright in Decemer 2015 was  given to the sitting Federal Grand Jury. Albeit, the first and only written  communication from the Judge’s clerks did not include an official District of Hawaii letter head,  there has been no indication that an actual investigation has begun.  As of this date, none of the witnesses have been contacted by the Justice Department, FBI etc: In fact none of the victims have been contacted period.   Some of Codefore’s legal contacts have indicated suspicion as to whether or not there really is an ongoing investigation into Hawaii Corruption.

After reading the below information what do you think?   Is the Federal Judicial District of Hawaii involved in the alleged cover up?  Or do the wheels of Justice turn just slowly ?

UPDATE: 7-31-2016

The wheels of justice can sometimes turn slowly. Received an email from Judge Seabright’s head clerk in answer to questions from Codefore. We have been receiving inquiries about how to get additional complaints included in this Grand Jury investigation. Our question to the Court was, “What shall Codefore do with all this additional information.?”  The below email is their reply. So any and all additional complaints need not be addressed by Codefore. You can send them direct.  Make sure you indicate that your information is to be included in the Affidavit and complaint to the Judge Seabright on January 18th, 2016.  Good luck to you all.

Seabright clerk email
Seabright clerk email


Anonymous org. phone call to Judge Seabright’s office.

UPDATE 01-18-16

A phone voice message  from Federal Judge Seabright’s clerks.

UPDATE 01-09-16

Email to Hawaii District Court Judge Seabright. Full document

AOL screen shot email to Judge Seabright

UPDATE  12-29-2015

Phone conversation with the court clerk.  Why was the affidavit rejected?  A must hear!!


UPDATE 12-29-15

Seabright’s clerk rejects the Affidavit and threatens to destroy the document. Note that the letter is not on official District Court Stationary.United_States_District_Court (1) to judge no address

UPDATE 12-20-2015

An affidavit was shipped via DHL to the District of Hawaii Federal Court, asking Judge Seabright to forward the affidavit to the Sitting Grand Jury.



UPDATE: 9-4-15.  Ruff court records have been accessed and copied this week. Two days after the completion of the copied court records, In compliance with the Hawaii Freedom of Information Act, Codefore began to receive more Kauai PD reports from the Kauai Attorneys office. The information sent so far was earlier  denied by the PD.


Sometimes you must take the bad in order to get some good out of a horrible situation A good in this story is that an admitted child rapist was put  in prison in 1993 and very well may stay there for the rest of his life.

The bad in this story is that even though a suspect who admitted to the rape of 4 year old Alicia Woolsey Ruf in Kauai in 1993 was arrested, Lacy’s  murderer was not arrested. The  guy who says he is the murder is Todd Schonlau and he  was not considered a suspect in “93.

1993 Kauai Prosecutor Jay Kimura
1993 Kauai Prosecutor Jay Kimura

In 1993 during the initial investigation into the death of Alicia Ruff (Lacy), Todd Schonlau diverted suspicion away from himself by making a phone call to the police and turning in his brother, Aaron Schonlau for the murder.  “When a seasoned police investigator hears someone turning  in his brother for a murder, this person not the brother generally goes to the top of the suspect list. ”  Todd Schonlau is also the person who took the police to the location of the body. The body was in a  place that no one else knew about but Todd Schonlau. He told investigators that his brother told him where the body was located. The police apparently did not think that this was suspicious.

Investigators know that usually  the only reason people would turn  in their blood is to keep them free from arrest.  Unfortunately in 1993 there were no seasoned police investigators employed by Kauai PD .  In fact, according to others, there were no accredited or properly trained police on the force either.

Another bad thing about this investigation  is that Todd Schonlau most likely will not be sought out and prosecuted for the murder of 4 year old Alicia Ruf.  Why….

AAron Scholnau Hawaii sex offender booking pic

The investigation that led to the arrest of Aaron Schonalu, who admitted to Benish that he sexually assaulted “Lacey” Ruf, was so bad and  so unconstitutional  that today it is being  covered up to keep the 1993 cops, and possibly the prosecutors out of jail or at the very least from some kind of civil litigation.  It’s being covered up because it seems that everyone involved is either a relative of the legal culprits or is politically beholding to them or their heirs as is explained by Anthony Sommer in his book “KPD Blue.”

Another good thing is that fate, circumstances and alcohol opened the door of information and allowed an old worn out police investigator to enter and  have a look around.

One night in 2011 Todd Schonlau who is the older brother of Aaron Schonau got drunk in Oregon and admitted to his then girlfriend that it was he who drowned Lacy Ruf after his brother Aaron had raped her in Kauai in 1993.  He gave her a detailed account of his actions including the statement that  it took him two attempts at weighing her body so that it stayed submerged. This is a detail that will haunt Mr. Schonlau and may someday put him in prison. (Assuming the Kauai PD is ever capable of conducting an unbiased competent investigation)

Valerie Soto web size

The police arrived and arrested Tiffany Kaneko, and charged her with assault.  As they were putting her in handcuffs and leading her to a police car for her trip to jail,  Todd  heard the police ask her why she assaulted him.  The rest is a matter of Kaneko’s arrest record.  Much later the district attorney was  obligated to release Kaneko because their victim (Todd) did not appear in court.Tiffany immediately called her friend Valerie Soto from jail and told her what had happened.

Valerie, being of a sober suspicious mind, googled the name Todd Schonlau and up popped an internet hit.  The book “Closed Eyes” written by detective JD Benish.  Todd and Aaron Schonlau had a whole chapter devoted to them because they lived a few blocks from another child victim, Tracy Neef who was also sexually assaulted and murdered in 1984, 9 years earlier. Prior to his retirement in 1993 Benish had been interested in Aaron Schonlau  when doing a cold case investigation into the Neef murder.  He actually had the occasion to interview Todd Schonlau in 1993 after  his brfother Aaron had been arrested in Hawaii.  He was very suspicious of Todd’s involvement in the Hawaii murder when he heard Todd tell him how he turned in his brother. He was sufficiently suspicious that he called the Kauai Police department and conveyed his suspicions.  In 1993 during the time of the murder investigation they were not interested in what a detective from Colorado had to say about their homicide.  Their sentiment toward new information about this murder have not changed.

00107590-000 02/14/2012 16:41In 2011 Benish, who had since  retired and was  living on a sailing vessel in San Diego received an email from Kaneko’s girlfriend (Soto) who told him what was going on in Oregon between Kaneko and Todd Schonlau.  He was keenly interested in what Soto had to say. Later after Tiffany Kaneko was released from jail Benish spoke with her on the telephone and via emails and she verified what Soto told him ,  what her arrest documents said and what Todd Schonlau had said to her.

Benish telephoned the Kauai police department again and was told they were not interested. He also emailed the Thornton Police Department about the information he had because the Tracy Neef case was their case and Benish was retired.  Todd Schonlau who was an admitted murderer and grew up in Thornton but he did not receive a response from the Thornton PD. After the blog was published Codefore began to receive comments.  Some of these comments were from relatives or friends of the 4 year old Alicia Ruf.

Codefore reported that Benish spent  months corresponding with Aaron Schonlau who is serving a life imprisonment term in a private penitentiary in Arizona.  The reason for communicating with Aaron was to get his take on his brother’s claim that it was he, not Aaron who actually killed little Alicia Woolsey Ruf.

Tiffany KanekoOn February 11th, 2013 Codefore posted  a page about Tiffany Kaneko Val Soto, Aaron and Todd Schonalu.   You can read the whole blog at http://codeforeblog.com/?p=1307.

After the blog was written Codefore began to receive comments.  Some of these comments were from relatives or friends of the 4 year old Alicia Ruf.

Codefore reported that Benish spent  months corresponding with Aaron Schonlau who is serving a life imprisonment term in a private penitentiary in Arizona.  The reason for communicating with Aaron was to get his take on his brother’s claim that it was he, not Aaron who actually killed little Alicia Woolsey Ruf.

Benish said that the result of the extensive written conversations with Aaron Schonlau do not give cause to believe that Aaron’s brother Todd was lying when he claimed it was he that caused the drowning of Alicia Ruf.  Aaron said that had no idea how little Alicia Ruf ended up in 40 feet of Pacific Ocean water.

If that’s the case why, asked Benish, is Aaron in prison for this murder and not his brother Todd.

The answer to this question is in questions.

Benish contacted  witnesses who were at the crime scene at the time of the murder of Alicia Woolsey  Ruf.  He spoke  with little Alicia’s father, mother, step mother and the person who actually recovered the submerged body of poor Alicia Ruf.  The witness who said he was the diver that recovered the body said that the police never contacted him nor questioned him.  Benish said that it was difficult to believe what these witnesses told him about the police investigation.

In January 2015 Codefore Publishing requested a copy of the police report containing the investigation into the murder of Alicia Woolsey Ruf by filing a “Freedom of Information Request” with the Kauai Freedom of Information office.  The electronic files did not arrive until March of 2015. There were some emails back and forth between Benish and Kauai  about the lack of requested documents and the unreasonable redactions of the documents that were provided.  Although the police reports were not complete and heavily redacted, Benish says that the individual police reports presented a picture of one of the most inept, amateurish, incomplete and inaccurate reports that he has  ever had the misfortune to read.The whole issue then became a legal question. Benish said he does not understand how a conviction of Murder against Aaron Schonlau was possible based on the  investigation reports supplied to Codefore by the Kauai Freedom of Information office.   A partial copy of the transcribed interview with Aaron reveals the following information.  1. Aaron Schonlau requested an attorney numerous times.  Despite this, extensive questioning continued.  2. Aron Schonlau did not admit to drowning Alicia Woolsey Ruf.   The answer to the question as to how Aaron Schonlau was convicted lives in Aaron Schonlaus jail cell.

Kauai PD Chief Perry
Kauai PD Chief Perry

Aaron Schonlau says that he accepted a plea offer from the district attorney’s office and based upon the advice of his court appointed lawyer Arther K. Trask Jr. who has a history of professional suspensions.  Aaron agreed to plea to 2nd degree murder and in return the additional charges of rape and abduction would be dropped from the initial Murder charge  and his sentence would allow the possibility of  an eventual parole.  Aaron said he was scared and didn’t want the death penalty or spend the rest of his life in prison for something he did not do. He said he took the lesser of two evils. After 22 years he regrets this decision.  The Kauai PD and prosecutor’s office finished with a murder conviction under their belt.  Little did they know that many years later their incompetent accomplishment would be under scrutiny.

Soon after Codefore Publishing filed the freedom of information request JD Benish received a telephone call from a person who said he was a special investigator for the Kauai District Attorney’s office.  His name was John Burgess. Burgess said that he was instructed to look into the Alicia Murder file.  Burgess is a retired policeman from Everett Washington.  Everett is a small town north of Seattle.

Kauai Prosecuging Atty. Justin Kollar
Kauai Prosecuging Atty. Justin Kollar

Benish spoke with him and sent him most of the files and phone recorded conversations that he had been collecting since 2011.  Codefore has since learned that some of the Kauai witnesses contacted by JD Benish had been later contacted by Burgess.  Burgess apparently had not asked any investigative questions but instead  had been seeking out the witnesses and discrediting Benish  as an author who is trying to make money on the tragic murder and that he should not be taken seriously.   Specifically he contacted Timmy Woolsey, Alicia’s father.

According to Benish, “The  whole situation is indicative of some kind of a cover-up.”  The Kauai PD had done such a poor investigation that they put the wrong person in prison for the wrong crime and the person who in all likelihood committed the murder of Alicia Ruf is free from suspicion all these years and is  bragging about his accomplishment in Hawaii.

Benish said that what he saw was an incomplete compilation of severely redacted reports.  He said that even though they were redacted, there was enough information there to question the arrest of Aaron Schonlau and more than enough information to ask for a an investigation of Federal violations and later a cover up of the violations of Aaron Schonlau’s constitutional rights.  He argues that the Federal Constitutional violations would be difficult to miss by any competent District or prosecuting Attorney prior to criminal court action yet Aaron was offered a plea knowing that the case against him would most likely be thrown out of court. This brings the question of the culpability of the Judge that handled the case.

Mayor Bernard Carvalho.
Mayor Bernard Carvalho.

The Kauai District attorney and police are in a quandary because now, after the fact, to look for, arrest and seek prosecution of Todd Schonlau would expose  the incompetence,  illegal and unconstitutional actions of both agencies during the  1993 initial investigation and subsequent prosecution that put Aaron Schonlau in jail for the child’s murder and not the rape.

On April, 15,2015 Benish received a telephone call from Alicia’s father, Timmy Woolsey.  Mr. Woolsey said that the Kauai PD had been harassing him, and had recently arrested him.  He said that he thought that they were doing this because he had been communicating with Benish about the incompetence in the police department.  Benish said that Mr. Woolsey was upset.  On April 17th 2015 Mr. Woolsey reported that the State of Hawaii had dropped all charges against him.

Lacey with her daddy Timmy Woolsey
Lacey with her daddy Timmy Woolsey

Mr.  Woolsey and Benish are not the only people who believe that the Kauai PD is incompetent and even corrupt.  Anthony Sommer believes this too.  Mr. Sommer is a veteran of almost four decades as a reporter for major metropolitan daily newspapers and covered Kauai for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.   In his book, “KPD Blue” he begins with “A Decade of Racism, Sexism and Political Corruption in (and all around) the Kauai Police Department.

Kauai mayor Bernard Carvalho did not respond to messages from Codefore.

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    No foul play suspected in woman’s death
    By The Garden Island | Friday, January 5, 2018, 12:05 a.m.

    No foul play suspected in woman’s death

    HANAPEPE — An autopsy conducted on Thursday revealed that foul play is not suspected in the death of a woman whose body was found after firefighters responded to a brush fire in Hanapepe on Dec. 31.

    The case has been classified as an unattended death.

    Police have preliminarily identified the woman. However, DNA testing will be done to confirm her identity. Her name has not been released at this time, according to a press release.

    “KPD would like to thank the public for their assistance in this investigation,” said Kauai Police Department Assistant Chief Bryson Ponce of the Investigative Services Bureau. “As a result of all the information gathered at this point, no foul play is suspected.”

    A toxicology report is pending in this ongoing investigation.

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  10. Monday, September 21, 2009
    [HI] Ex-Police Officer Bonachita may not have killed Lauren Keala Megumi Kagawa, but he managed to make her afraid that she was going to die

    In her hand-written filing of the TRO document, Kagawa said [Ex-Kaua‘i Police Officer Joseph] Bonachita had sexually assaulted her and choked her neck to the point where she thought she “was going to die.”… Bonachita, 41, of Hanapepe, was charged Monday night with first-degree burglary, two counts of carrying a deadly weapon, two counts of first-degree terroristic threatening, illegal transfer of a weapon, and having an unloaded firearm and ammunition in illegal places to have such items…

    Indictment: Bonachita pulled knife on Kagawa ‘South Park’ creator Parker also threatened
    By Paul Curtis – The Garden Island
    September 19, 2009 1:23 PM HST
    [Excerpts] LIHU‘E — Former Kaua‘i Police Department officer Joseph G. Bonachita allegedly broke into the Wailua home of “South Park” creator Randolph “Trey” Parker and threatened both Parker and the late Lauren Kagawa with a knife, according to a grand jury indictment. The alleged incident took place July 1, the same day Bonachita was arrested on a first-degree burglary charge for breaking into and remaining in Parker’s home, according to police arrest records and the indictment. The same incident is referred to in the hand-written temporary restraining order document Kagawa filed against Bonachita, identifying him as an ex-boyfriend and Parker as a friend. Bonachita, 41, of Hanapepe, was arrested Monday as a result of that grand jury indictment, which included additional weapons and ammunition charges. He is free after posting $25,000 bail, and his first court appearance is scheduled for 8 a.m. on Sept. 29 before 5th Circuit Judge Randal Valenciano… Kagawa was found dead in the driveway of her Ho‘okena subdivision duplex in Puhi the morning of Aug. 17. A toxicology report found the cause of death to be a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol. The Kaua‘i Police Department is continuing its investigation. Bonachita has not been identified as either a suspect or person of interest in the ongoing investigation. Anyone with information on Kagawa’s whereabouts from late Sunday evening, Aug. 16, to early Monday morning, Aug. 17, is asked to contact KPD Detective Joe Adric, 241-1868, KPD dispatch, 241-1711, or Crime Stoppers, 241-1887. [Full article here]

    Former Kauai police officer arrested on burglary, weapons charges
    Honolulu Advertiser, The Garden Island
    By Paul Curtis
    Friday, September 18, 2009
    [Excerpts] A former Kauai police officer was arrested this week on burglary and weapons charges. Police records show Joseph Genaro Bonachita, 41, of Hanapepe, was charged Monday night with first-degree burglary, two counts of carrying a deadly weapon, two counts of first-degree terroristic threatening, illegal transfer of a weapon, and having an unloaded firearm and ammunition in illegal places to have such items. The arrest came as the result of a grand-jury warrant… Bonachita was the subject of a temporary restraining order filed by the late Lauren Kagawa, 27, who was found dead in the driveway of her family’s Puhi duplex Aug. 17… Police originally suspected foul play in the Kagawa case, and police Chief Darryl Perry said yesterday that investigators are still trying to piece together what happened over several hours from Sunday night, Aug. 16, to Monday morning, Aug. 17… In her hand-written filing of the TRO document, Kagawa said Bonachita had sexually assaulted her and choked her neck to the point where she thought she “was going to die.” Bonachita has not been named as either a suspect or person of interest in the investigation into Kagawa’s death, but has not been ruled out as a suspect or possible person of interest in the case… [Full article here]
    [police officer involved domestic violence law enforcement fatality fatalities murder hawaii state solved unresolved]
    on 9/21/2009


    AnonymousNovember 01, 2009
    I was this woman’s preschool teacher. Her father was also murdered, when she was a child. The outrage of this injustice is mind-boggling.The current investigation is saying she died of a drug overdose?!?! SHe was found beaten and strangled! neighbors heard her screaming! so sad for her mother. too much loss


    1. He most likely killed her. His nephew is getting his karma with the negligent homicide when he ran over the 19 yr kid on the west side. His other nephew’s daddy died before he could see his son graduate. Karma Bitch! Fuck the Kauai Dirty Syndicate Pig Mafia Home Grown Terrorists. Yah heard me? Run tell that you Hooh ass tricks. Using little girls to do the dirty vice pigs dirty work like KPAL: Kauai Paedophile Association League-using and abusing little kids (sick fakahs).

  11. Police recover KCC safe
    Cash taken, items recovered, investigation ongoing

    By Michael Levine – The Garden Island | Posted Jan 22, 2009

    LIHU‘E — Police have recovered the safe taken from the Kaua‘i Community College bookstore last Tuesday and have a lead in the ongoing investigation, according to Kaua‘i Police Department Det. Randy Chong Tim, the detective handling the case.

    Chong Tim said yesterday in a phone interview that the safe had been found in an “unusual location” — on another police officer’s property — with cash missing but a collection of items left inside.

    He said the thieves left coins and other items, which he declined to describe, and were “only interested in the cash.”

    “Most burglaries happening recently are going after money, not looking for objects they can trade or sell,” Chong Tim said. “It’s just a sign of the times. … They want money so they can get their drugs, and a lot of the dealers aren’t taking property right now, only cash.”

    The safe had nearly $10,000 in it when it was taken after the second day of classes, bookstore manager Jolynne Uyesono said last week.

    Chong Tim said the 300- to 400-pound safe had been opened, likely by prybars and other instruments, in a secluded area where at least two thieves “had some peace and quiet to work on it.”

    The detective said the burglars “know what they’re doing,” as officers tried to take fingerprints at the scene but were unsuccessful. Chong Tim said smudges in the bookstore were an indication that the thieves were wearing gloves.

  12. Mayor Carvalho, County of Kaua’i
    Gary Hooser, County of Kaua’i Councilor
    Justin Kollar, County of Kaua’i, Office of the Prosecuting Attorney
    Chief Darryl Perry, Kaua’i Police Department
    Michael M. Contrades, Executive Chief of Police
    Lt. James Miller, Kaua’i Police Department Internal Affairs
    Editor, The Garden Island

    September 10, 2015

    In July and August 2014, I made a number of reports to Kaua’i police and county authorities about the illegal drug dealing of DAVID RODGERS. He has a long, negative history with local law enforcement. Rodgers and his “best friend,” Cain Sergrieff retaliated against me for standing up to his criminal activity. The two contrived a number of false accusations and KPD officers were easily duped by their actions. They used KPD to punish me for standing up to crime in my neighborhood. How easily KPD was deceived!

    Respect for Law Enforcement has fallen precipitously in recent years. Due to the rise of social media, many activists work to expose what they believe is the rampant corruption of police and administrations that protect unacceptable behavior. SOURCE 1 Sadly, good cops and conscientious leaders suffer the blunt activism from campaigns such as #FUCKTHEPOLICE. Although I empathize with this emotional frustration, I have furthered positive stories about GOOD cops hoping to balance the rhetoric #RESPECTTHEPOLICE. SOURCE 2 I believe “random acts of violence will only serve to undo what little progress those of us in the peaceful movement have accomplished and in fact will reverse it and prevent any future progress. It is already happening.” SOURCE 3

    I spent my college days in the small town of Pocatello, Idaho — a community similar to Kaua’i in many ways. My mother worked with poor children, primarily African American, and I developed strong, positive relations with the Black community. SOURCE 4 I was a profesional basketball player in the early 1980s and trained in Los Angeles with greats such as Magic Johnson and other Lakers. I was a NBA rookie with Cleveland in 1984 where I had the opportunity to compete against Michael Jordan to prepare him and the US Olympic team for the LA Olympics. Although I’m a White male, I was welcomed in the Black communities of Inglewood and Compton. Over the course of the decade, I witnessed too many actions of BAD cops against members of the African American community. I enrolled in graduate school in the early 1990s and focused heavily on Criminal Justice. During my PhD program, I worked on policy initiatives, such as Community Policing, and sought to find common ground between police officers and local residents.

    I suffered a number of negative interactions with KPD officers in 2014. I had a clean criminal record, never arrested, and as a 56-year-old man, had positive relations with police on Kaua’i, on mainland USA, and in other countries where I lived. I claim KPD officers made a series of mistakes with me. Officers are human. Like me; like all of us, they make mistakes. Due to my professional background in criminal justice, I filed complaints with KPD Internal Affairs to inform superiors about my professional concerns and hopefully correct the uncivil behavior.

    Lt. Miller forwarded the department response to me earlier this week. After months of review, Chief Perry concluded in ADM 2014-0398, “Your complaint alleged Officer Clayton Okamoto was unprofessional, overbearing, and mistreated your during your interaction on September 9, 2014 … After full review of the investigation, I found that there was insufficient evidence to sustain that any act of misconduct occurred relative to your complaint.” SOURCE 5

    And, my respond to this cover up of Officer Okamoto’s irrational and intimidating behavior — #FUCKTHEPOLICE

    On the early evening of September 8, 2014, a woman walked by our parked vehicle at crowded Black Pot Beach in Hanalei. My wife saw the woman and noticed she was carrying a newborn baby. While the woman was about 15-20 feet away, my wife and I exchanged pleasantries with her about her newborn.

    On the morning of September 9, 2014, KPD Officer Okamoto came to my place of business and spoke to our receptionist before the start of our busy day. Everyone in the room noticed the officer. Officers don’t regularly come to our business so it was unusual and a “big deal.” Our receptionist said something like, “He is over there and pointed in my direction.” The officer approached me and sternly asked me to come outside. He walked me across the road, and in front of the windows in our business area, interrogated me harshly. He stated the woman with whom my wife and I spoke the previous evening alleged I had assaulted her and her newborn baby. The officer stated the woman alleged there was a second witness, yet we learned later that the officer had not spoken with the alleged second witness.

    The officer treated me like an animal. He was threatening and accusatory. He warned if I didn’t confess and tell him exactly what happened, he would arrest me. I had nothing to confess, as nothing happened between myself and the woman. The officer refused to believe me. He demanded I summon my wife. She was on a morning hike and not available by phone. I had to leave work, go locate my wife, and the two of us spend the next couple hours explaining to the officer that the woman had filed a false complaint. During this time, we learned the officer had not spoken with the alleged “second witnesss.” We knew there couldn’t be a second witness, because the incident as described by the woman didn’t occur. We believe her boyfriend, Cain Sergrieff, and his friend, David Rodgers, concocted the allegation in retalation against me for reporting their illegal drug dealing. My wife and I filed a claim with KPD Internal Affairs over this matter later that same day. Although we filed charges against the three for the false complaint, KPD did nothing to them.

    Imagine yourself in such a situation. A police officer claims YOU are guilty. Yet in America, we are innocent until proven guilty. Chief Perry claims there was “insufficient information” to substantiate our complaint.

    Therefore, let’s focus on CORRECT police procedure. What SHOULD an officer do under these circumstances?

    Proper Police Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
    1. Officer receives a complaint by an alleged victim.
    2. Alleged victim claims there is a second witness.

    First, the officer must speak with the second witness, There was no reasonable concern of urgency in this matter, as the alleged incident occurred the evening before. Officer Okamoto failed to do this. This is a violation of police SOP. Here’s why:

    (1) Had Okamoto spoken with the second witness, and the second witness confirmed the allegation by the complaining victim, Officer Okamoto would have been justified coming to my place of business. And, once he asked me to come outside, his IMMEDIATE action would be to notify me I have been accused of a crime, that he considers me to be a possible suspect, and thus, is obligated to read me my Miranda Rights.

    (2) Had Okamoto spoken with the second witness, and the second witness FAILED to confirm the allegation by the complaining victim, Officer Okamoto would then be required to return to the alleged victim and dig deeper. There would be no justifiable reason to come to my place of business and speak with me under these circumstances.

    It appears the Kaua’i Police Department needed months of research, multiple interviews and a costly professional review wasting taxpayer dollars to evaluate this matter. I admit I am a competent and experience criminal justice policy researcher and was able to analyze this is less than ONE hour.

    Officer Okamoto neglected to follow expected and proper police SOP by failing to speak to the alleged second witness prior to coming to my place of business to question me. Failing this, Officer Okamoto was unprepared to civilly and professionally question me. He took a shortcut. Failing to establish (1) IF there was a second witness, and (2) determine what the alleged second witness saw or didn’t see, Officer Okamoto could do nothing but (1) attempt to Intimidate me, (2) Threaten me and (3) Harass me. In fact, Officer Okamoto had NO reasonable and/or legal justification for coming to my place of business to question me at all. And, since he did remove me from my place of business, he was obligated to consider me a suspect and Mirandize me, which he never did.

    I realize officers make mistakes. And, like most of us, we are constantly training on our jobs. The error here has been committed by Chief Perry and the department, as they have covered up this incompetence and failure to follow proper police SOP. This appears to be happening across our nation and this is why millions are joining the cry — #FUCKTHEPOLICE.

    Failing to review this matter with pono, you have cheated not only the citizens of Kaua’i, but GOOD officers who are now tainted by the incompetence of other officers and the corruption within the Kaua’i Police Department.

    Chief Perry, their blood in on your hands.

    1. Thanks for your long comment.I will include portions of your message in the affidavit for the GJ request. You may respond direct to me at Codefore@aol.com Indicate your User name so that I will know who sent the mail. thanks. As a retired cop I attribute the problems to training and failure to take their oat serioulsly. KPD has no accreditation and its obvious to me they are just civilians wearing a badge.


  13. 4 Disturbing Unsolved Mysteries In Hawaii That Will Leave You Baffled
    OnlyInYourState July 21, 2015 by Megan Shute

    In 2013, 34 years after she was abducted in the middle of the night, the remains of Nancy Ellen Baugh, of Hanalei, were found in the Waioli Stream after heavy rains caused flooding in the area. According to the Kauai office of the prosecuting attorney, “Baugh disappeared in the early morning hours of June 2, 1979. Witnesses reported that the woman had been dragged out of a house on Weke Road in Hanalei by force, screaming into the night.” The family received anonymous letters after the disappearance, which claimed they knew who was responsible for the crime, however, police have never been able to determine what actually happened.

    There are over 30 missing persons and unsolved murders on Kauai that has been covered up like the Lauren Kagawa murder, the Kleins murder, the Baugh’s murder, the Kauai Serial killer, and the Aurero Moore assassination.

    There’s information on the Internet that the Kleins probably stumbled on a marijuana grow farm which was everywhere during those days. The weed farms were rig with traps and also armed people watching them. This was also a place (Loop rd area) where people said the DEA had a weed farm that was fenced off in the 70’s and 80’s. So much corruption in the island of Kauai that Oahu calls it the Wild Wild west of the pacific and it also resembles a third world country where politicians, judges, lawyers, cops, fire fighters, DLNR, judicial employees, county and state workers, YWCA, and Mayors are apart of the criminal organizations.

  14. CodeForeBlog needs to dig deep into the Aurero Moore assassination. There are people free who set up the murder. These people had conflicts of interest because of their relations to the murderer. Basically they helped a family and friend murder Aurero Moore. The green light hit was on and the co conspirators are still free on Kauai. Also investigate several murders made to look like suicide. One being Manuel (Bunky) Untalan who was murdered and made to look like a suicide at the Wailua Kamalani bridge area. Lauren Kagawa was murdered and what KPD put out was a coward statement covering up for a former dirty rapist Kauai pig. Oahu has their syndicate dirty pig representatives in kpd to money launder and control drug flow and sells. This is a full fledge multinational criminal organization and its imbedded deep into KPD ranks and retired dirty pigs. All federal DOJ agencies would have to get involved to take down Kauai’s Home Grown Terrorists the Syndicate Mafia. The recent Meth ring bust is one of many arrests that has exposed the multinational criminal organizations rackets. The events that has happened these past 5-8 years are historical and the crime, punishments, and arrests have exceeded KPD’s solved case history and this is by a long shot. KPD’s arrest history does not even come close to what the FEDS have accomplished on Kauai. KPD lives up to its Wikipedia’s definition of a corrupt inept police dept.

    1. Wanted to say one other thing. I have been in contact with the investigators for the Kauaii Prosecutor. If you have any information, good or bad, about John Burgess, or his assistant Asher, I desperately need this. Also information regarding Burgess’s family and associates who live in Kauaii. You can use this venue or codefore@aol.com. thanks. J.

    2. I am not familiar with the name Burgess. Was he the investigator on your case? I can ask my research team in Hawaii if they have any information on them? What type of info are you in need of? Have you had any dealings with the individuals in Kauai that are named in our story? Thank you for getting back to me! J.

      1. Without researching your story, I have been communicating (off and on) with Kauai PD since 1993. The rhetoric and spirit of non co-operation is the same today as it was back then. Originally my contact was in reference to the cold case murder in Colorado of little 7 yr old Tracy Neef, after I retired wrote a book about the Neef case and became visible on the internet the old investigation on the Neef case became entangled in the investigation and prosecution on the Lacey Woolsey Ruff case in 1993 because of public outrage and participation. . It was a simple thing to me, get a copy of the Kauai PD case file and go from there. Thats where the road block began and thats when I became irritated or some would call it pissed off and thats when the Kauai Prosecutors office contacted me via their investigator John Burgess. Now I am not only trying to put a man in prison for participating in the Ruff murder (he’s was also a person of interest in 93 in the Neef case) but have the Kauai government in my sights. We should all be very concerned when a bunch of locals who call themselves a government have the audacity to violate not only the Hawaii Freedom of Information law but the laws of the constitution of the United States.

      2. John Burgess is an investigator for the Kauai Prosecuting office. He is a retired detective from Everett, a little town in the State of Washington. I understand he has relatives who live in Hawaii. He said that he and his assistant Det. Adric were looking into the 93 Ruff case. I provided them with most of the information I had. I learned later that Burgess was going around contacting everyone that I had spoken to in reference to the Ruff case including the deceased father Timmy. Timmy says that they warned him about speaking with me and later Timmy was actually arrested, and released without charges. I want to know everything I can get about Mr. Burgess including the size of his shorts. They are trying to hide something serious and we at Codefore want find out what it is .

    3. Hello Admin, I just wanted to confirm that you had received an email sent from an interested party in the case? Do you have access to another format for private instant messaging? Thank you for getting in touch, J

    By WALLACE TURNER, Special to the New York Times
    Published: April 26, 1981

    WAILUA BEACH, Hawaii, April 23— The mysterious killings of a California couple whose bullet-riddled bodies were found 150 feet off a jungle hiking trail upcountry from here have set back efforts by state and local officials to reassure tourists about their safety.

    The tourist business is the biggest source of income in Hawaii, and it has steadily decreased for about two years. Although the decline may be more a result of rising air fares and economic problems in the continental United States than publicity about tourist mistreatment, political leaders here still feel the heat.

    The murder victims were John L. Klein, 28 years old, an Encino, Calif., lawyer, and his wife, Michelle, 25, a writer for Sunkist Groves Inc., in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

    Both wore hiking boots. He was shirtless. His wallet, in his walking shorts, was undisturbed. Her purse, contents intact, was in the rented car that they had parked at the beginning of the trail. Police Have No Suspects

    They came to this island, Kauai, on March 18 to hike the trails that wind through its beautiful mountains. The police have a witness who believes that he saw them in a bar the night of March 20. Their car was seen parked at the head of Kuilau Trail at 7 A.M. March 21, the day they were to have left the island. They were reported missing March 23 by the management of the apartment they had rented, and a dog with the fire department search and rescue unit found their bodies in the jungle March 25.

    Maj. George Costa, chief of detectives in Kauai’s 110-member police force, says that he has no suspects. He believes that the Kleins went up the trail with someone they knew, but he is not certain. He thinks, but is not certain, that they were killed March 21.

    ”What we need is a witness,” said Detective Albert Kaohi, who has been investigating the Kleins’ deaths. Witnesses, or even confessions, have not always been enough, however, to bring convictions in trials of island defendants accused of attacking tourists. 2 Recent Acquittals

    Two cases that received international publicity in 1980 as examples of violence against tourists have ended with acquittals in the last four months.


    Monday, January 12, 2015, 11:23 pm

    Is is true that a Kauai off duty police officer in the Toyota corrola that first hit the boy in Kamalani? If so then we all know why the dirty pigs in KPD is covering up this vehicular homicide. It’s like the Lauren Kagawa murder: killed by a dirty rapist former kpd pig then protected by his dirty kpd pig friends.

  17. None of this at all surprises me. I believe every little thing that is put out there. I could go on and on about how these cops have harassed my family and invade your privacy. Living on Kauai is like living in a communist country. It is just like this crystal meth that is killing all out children and then the cops related to the dealers warn them of their suspicion and life goes on till one of our children are killed, over dosed and land in jail for life but the dealer family member becomes more important. I have walked into a house with three officers sitting at a table free basing cocaine in front of little children and gratefully was able to see those children grow up and throw it into the officers face on a call. That was quite gratifying since they didn’t even have the common respect for their own uniform. I could go on and on and KPD Blue didn’t put anything out there that wasn’t already out there and yah the serial killers brothers are officers and Lauren Kagawa how Chief Perry try to throw everything off by shamelessly making Lauren look like the bad one in the interview he had with the Garden Island Newspaper. I was appalled and my son being shot at by a convicted attempter murderer felon. They were to chicken to go investigate. okay I cant do this I just get sick…my whole family practically were working with the police departments and I cant even talk to them anymore cuz of my perception of a police officer now

  18. Par for the course. Stupid cops and stupid prosecutors always covering up the inept thug cops crimes. Kauai is the most corrupt island in Hawaii. Crooked cops get caught but not punished. Prosecutors deny the people cops arrest to face their accusers in court and are always suppressing exculpatory evidence. It took a REAL PINKERTON to catch crooked cops and prosecutors in their malicious campaign to prevent me from installing GPS in police cars. It’s ok, they’ll face the true JUDGE one day and they’ll be condemned for perpetuating their lies and abuse.

    I expose them and their lies in a book soon to be published. STAND YOUR GROUND AND DONT BACK DOWN TO CROOKED COPS OR PROSECUTORS.

    YouTube has the court transcripts where you can see malicious prosecution.
    Evidence Prosecutors tried to keep from the court record:

  19. Sommers is also a retired (Col.) Army reserve MP. I too have been a targeted by the dirty syndicate pig mafia in kpd and the court house, fire dept, DLNR, YWCA, corrupt judges and corrupt lawyers, county and state workers, as well as coworkers and KCC students, staff, and faculty, and all those who are apart of the Kauai Home Grown Terrorists the Kauai Syndicate Mafia. They have tried to set me up and have me killed for going on 8 years. The same dirty pig cops covered up for the serial killer and Lauren Kagawa’s death, and many other unsolved murders and murders made to look like suicide. I will continue to fight against Kauai’s Evil Mafia until Justice is served. I am Legend


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