American tourists and Mexican scams

This page warns American Expats living in Mexico. Beware!!

Update: 10/13/2019

Many Expats rent permanently or long term and purchase used furniture intending on leaving it behind or selling it.Beware of these two persons, Jorge Alberto Espinoza Leva and his relative Alejandro Espinoza Leva.  

These guys are selling used washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators and air conditioners. They obviously do not thoroughly check the items as many are defective and will not operate when first used. They offer a warranty only as an enticement to get your money. Jorge has said that “Gringos” who purchase used equipment should not be surprised that it is defective and should just forget about the fact that they will not be refunded their money. Its suspected that neither of them is qualified to make repairs to these appliances.

Jorge Alberto Espinoza Leva






Update: 09/07/2019 This page is getting a tremendous response and we have only just begun to process through social channels.

If you’re contemplating renting a home in Mexico or have already taken the plunge, this site is for you. It matters not that you have a short term or long term rental contract. Renting in Mexico is not like renting a home in America or Canada. Yes there are Mexican laws that supposedly protect renters but in the real Mexican world landlords nor practically anyone else pays any attention to Mexican laws.

The Mexican culture is one of acceptance of certain powerful things in human nature. Theft, lying and fraud are just a few that you will notice as time goes by in your presence in this country. For someone who lives in this country it can become difficult and discouraging to accept the differences in cultures. It does  no good to complain, get a lawyer, or call the police. Breaking the law is a fact and its a way of life and is accepted by everyone.  Once you acknowledge this, you will have the ability to protect yourself and enjoy the simplicity and beauty of our neighbors to the South.

Although some things or acts of culture are against the law in Mexico , you must accept them or stop visiting Mexico. This is not to say that there are not good God fearing people in Mexico. There are. But many prey on unsuspecting tourists and they go to great lengths to convince others of their piety. In the rental business some will not offer a rental contract, some have associates in the real-estate business who will provide a legal lease for you.

It seems that the only value of  a rental lease in Mexico is to the landlord. That is to say that the lease is not to define the do’s and dont’s etc; a lease is used to instill in the renter trust in the landlord and the system ie; a false belief that the contract is protection for both parties.

This site was recently created in  Expat’s defense against the many property bandits by providing each other with information about these people who co-mingle and slither on sites like Facebook to sell their goods. In this case it is home rentals. You are encouraged to place entries on this site of the names of landlords and property addresses that are involved in the theft of rental damage deposits or any other illegal activity. You can make your entry anonymously in the post comment sections so that others can know about landlords that took your deposit money and refused to return it, or refused to perform property repairs etc:

Federal and Sinaloa law states that a home lease deposit is only to be used for claims of damage to rental property. It’s not to be used for anything else, even unpaid rent. However as mentioned before, there is no respect for the law or morality when it comes to money in Mexico.


Edwin and Grethel Quintana aka Quintano Mazatlan Mexico

These two people, The Quintana’s, claim that they are teachers in the Mexico education system. It’s unknown if that is a fact. The Quintanas’ rented a home in Cerritos to  an American and his Mexican wife and is located at AV. SABALO-CERRITOS 6000 VILLA 12, FRACC. QUINTAS DEL MAR, IN THIS CITY, MAZATLAN, SINALOA. The Quinta’s apparently do not actually own the home, its owned by one of their parents.

The landlord scenario contains four people. The owners name on the lease is  Padilla,Gavica Maria Concpcio. The Realtor is Mario Alberto Sanchez. The person who signed the rental contract as a representative of Mr. is EDWIN ALBERTO QUINTANA PADILLA and the person who owns the bank account where the rent is deposited is GRETHEL ALEJANDRA LOPEZ QUINTERO. Grethel and Edwin present themselves as husband and wife. Edwin stated in an email that Grethel was the “property manager”.

This scenario, if in the United States, would be a classic ‘money laundering setup wherein the property is leased via a representative of the property owner and the rent money is given to a person who is unrelated to any contractual obligations and has no actual interest in the property.

Be advised that the Edwin Quintana is required by law to present a ‘power of attorney indicating that he is  the legal representative of Mrs. Padilla Concepcio. This was never validated. In this case it would be incumbent on the realtor Mr. Sanchez to verify the existence of a power of attorney.

The home was advertised on Facebooks “Market Place” by a realtor, Mario Alberto Sanchez.

Below is an email exchange between the realtor Mario Sanches and the property renter. The intent of the email was to establish the reason for the refusal of Edwin Quintana to return the damage deposit when the renters vacated the property.  Also is an email exchange between the renter and Grethel Quintano wherein she is refusing to refund the deposit. She actually has no authority to do this since she is not a part of the legal transaction.

Mario Alberto Sanchez - Realestate

This complex is North of Mazatlan Golden Zone (Playa-beach) in the area known as Cerritos. It’s an  upscale area and the homes were constructed many years ago. The age is evident when looking at the construction of the homes.

The original rent, 3 years ago was 9,000 pesos per year. Be advised that its illegal for landlords to charge rent in dollars but some of the landlords either don’t know this or ignore the law. They required a 9,000 deposit. Mexican law gives the landlord 30 days to return your deposit or demonstrate the repairs for any damage to the property. This does not include wear and tear or back rent.

The renters of this property were promised by Quintano certain repairs to be made to the property and a list of these repairs was included in the lease agreement. Over the three years the landlords did not perform any of the repairs, however they did attempt to raise the rent mid contract twice. The rent was raised after the first year but since the landlords didn’t do any of the repairs that included a roof leak the renters threatened to vacate the property. The rent was then reduced to the initial rent of 9,000 pesos but was later raised to 10.500 pesos.

The property association claimed that short term rentals were not allowed. The renters who published this report said that there were many short term (vacation) rentals and during the vacation season the pool was so contaminated that it had to be closed for cleaning. The renters reported that the pool water was yellow with urine. Eventually the renters told the Quintana’s that they were looking for another place to live and gave their notice, however this notice was contingent on a successful search for an appropriate new location. Later Grethel Quintano  claimed that since she didn’t get proper notice of contract termination, the damage deposit would not be returned. Before the renter left, they made a video of the property to document that there was no damage done to the property and informed the Quintana’s that they had no legal right to keep the deposit money as it did not belong to them.  When the male renter informed  Edwin Quintana that he was going to speak with the police Quintana who refused to communicate with him, instead told the female renter who is a Mexican, that she was only married to the American because of his money and that he was controlling her. He demanded a meeting with only the female renter to “discuss the matter”

The renters kept copies of the emails and phone text communications where in the Quintana’s claimed their right to the deposit for utterly ridiculous reasons such as the front door (painted by the renter) was the wrong color. It mattered not that the door was painted to protect it from the elements. It mattered not that the renter was not paid for his efforts.

The renters have said that they intend to file a criminal complaint against all three involved in the theft of the renters damage deposit.They will- advise of the outcome.

It’s doubtful that they will be successful but at least the effort was made.

Note: American and Canadian renters should be cautious about paying their rent in dollars. If they have landlords engaged in money laundering to avoid taxes, and the money paid to them is US or Canadian dollars and not pesos it presents a problem for the renters. The emergence of US Dollars in a Mexican money laundering scheme may implicate the innocent tenants as a participant in the laundering of US Dollars overseas. A Federal offense.

Jose Alfredo Salazar

Mr. Ramirez is the caretaker/maintenance/grounds keeper for a condominium complex also in Mazatlan Mexico. The location of this complex is Playa Diamante #61A, Villa Del Mar, Saballo Cerritos Junto Mayan Sea Garden, Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico.

Mr. Salazar was contacted by the renters who reported this as they were cruising the area looking for rentals. Mr. Salazar said he represented the owner who lived in Culiacan Mexico (the Capitol of Sinaloa) but had no power of attorney and refused to provide a rental contract. They agreed to a rental amount and Mr. Salazar also demanded a deposit. It was learned much later that Salazar could not read and the condominium management told the renters that  they had nothing to do with Salazar’s rental business even though he was conducting the rental  business on condominium time.  The rent was reported to be 8,000 pesos and so the deposit was 8,000 pesos.  The American renters did not receive the return of their deposit from Mr. Salazar.


Mazatlan real estate fraudster reported; he asks for deposits to rent houses and disappears

Mazatlan real estate fraudster reported; he asks for deposits to rent houses and disappears





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