Are you concerned that you or your children will become victims of a child predator?

Protectus Prol is now available in English and Chinese.  Parents who speak all languages have a common fear. How can I protect my child and do I know enough about predators? Read this book and become informed.  Protect your family.

That fear is that their children will become victims of Child sexual predators.  (Molesters)  This book, written by a seasoned police detective who specialized in crimes against children and was created specifically for all parents. In particular, parents and their children who are at risk.  Make this book available to your clients and help stop  worldwide sexual offenders who prey on our children.  The book can be ordered through your normal wholesale outlets.  The book sells retail at $15.00 Amazon  click on images to purchase.

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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor working with children and families of deployed service members. In the course of my interactions with these clients, we very often discuss concerns parents express about safety issues surrounding their children. These families have often been relocated to bases far from home and are unfamiliar to their surroundings. By necessity, they become dependent on many ‘strangers’ for assistance. In the course of a yearlong deployment many ‘strangers’ come and go in the lives of these families and the single parent can experience overwhelming feelings of uncertainties about what is happening to them.

Protectus Prol has become a valuable resource to me in my practice. I have referred many parents suffering from Adjustment Issues to this resource to help them identify signs of dangerous people and situations.

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The author, Jim Benish, has laid out concrete, in depth areas of concern in which the temporary ‘single parent’ can focus their attention. I have received feedback from many parents who express relief and confidence in their unique situations after reading this book. The comments I receive from these clients is that of self-assurance in identifying potential problematic relationships and interactions which have the potential to be devastating to a family of our honored service members. 

 I recommend this book to everyone in the field of counseling or case management that come in contact with families.

JJ Henson.

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