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IN JANUARY 2017 THE CONGRESS PASSED HR 593 (THE LEADERSHIP PAC. )  But tried to conceal it from the public.

Recently there has been a lot of  national media reporting on the money received by our congress and senate from Political Action Committees. (PACs)  Many believe that the money the politicians receive is at  the root of the dysfunction in congress that we see today.

It has always been  my belief that it’s illegal for these politicians to receive money directly from political contributors but what I didn’t know and what CBS has recently reported is that these mobsters in congress have passed a law with loopholes that allows them to put contributed money directly into their own pockets.  This law has surfaced in the form of PACs called “Leadership Pacs”

If your interested in reading the actual Federal Election Rules on Leadership PACs, this is the link.

Basically according to Wikipedia the act says;  Elected officials and political parties cannot give more than the federal limit directly to candidates. However, they can set up a Leadership PAC that makes independent expenditures. Provided the expenditure is not coordinated with the other candidate, this type of spending is not limited.[10]

Under the FEC rules, leadership PACs are non-connected PACs, and can accept donations from individuals and other PACs. Since current officeholders have an easier time attracting contributions, Leadership PACs are a way dominant parties can capture seats from other parties. A leadership PAC sponsored by an elected official cannot use funds to support that official’s own campaign. However, it may fund travel, administrative expenses, consultants, polling, and other non-campaign expenditures. 

Non campaign expenditures??

Remember that virtually all of our senate and congress are taking advantage of this law. A law  that was passed by them.  If you watch the television interviews of politicians who were questioned about  receiving money from their “Leadership PACs” the response has generally been one of absolution from any wrongdoing.   It should be pointed out that these “Leadership PACs” are the property of each individual politician and as you will see, the only person that receives funds from the Leadership PAC is the politician that formed the PAC.

Recent research has revealed that the amount of money going directly into the pockets of congress is in the millions.  Its no wonder the interests of the American People are not important to these mobsters.  And that’s what they are.  Mobsters.

The CBS report on Leadership PACs  was revealing but was not in depth.  There were few names mentioned and the actual dollars involved was not revealed.   That is the purpose of this blog.

All the information that is given below is from the site ‘

For now we will be exposing the top 11 “Leadership PACs”  However the link with a list of all of the Leadership PACs is included.  You can see for yourself that our democracy has been replaced with the Leadership Pac. Its plain and simple. We can thank our Congress, the Senate and the US Supreme Court the Leadership PAC.  Note the names they have given their “Leadership PAC’s”  is representative of their audacity.                                                                                  


         Name of Pac.                                 Founder and  Recipient of Funds                    


  1. Evert Republican is Crucial          Eric Cantor R-Va                   $875,000.00
  2. Ameripad the Fund for a               Steny H Hoyer D-Md            $388,500.00
  3. obs Economy and Budget              Jeb Hensarling R-Tx            $263,000.00
  4. Freedom Project                              John Boehner R-Ohio          $205,000.00
  5. Majority CMTE PAC                       Kevin McCarthy R-Ca          $157,500.00
  6. Pac to the Future                             Nancy Pelosi D-Ca                 $140,000.00
  7. Bridge PAC                                        James E Clyburn D-SC         $125,000.00
  8. Bluegrass CMTE                               Mitch McConnell R-Ky         $125,000.00
  9. Prosperity PAC                                  Paul Ryan R-Wis                   $122,000.00
  10. Defend America PAC                        Richard Shelby R-Ala           $120,000.00
  11. Continuing a Majority Party           David Camp R-Mich             $106,000.00                                                


  1. Senate Conservative Fund           James DeMint                         $2,113,229.00
  2. Every Republican is                       Eric Cantor                               $2,113,229.00
  3. Freedom Project                             John Boehner                          $1,726,000.00
  4. AmeriPAC The Fund                     Steny Hoyer                              $1,448,000.00
  5. Majority CMTE PAC                      Kevin McCarthy                      $1,206,921.00
  6. Bridge PAC                                       James Clyburn                        $967.000.00
  7. Prosperity PAC                                 Paul Ryan                                $867,529.00
  8. Continuing A Majority                   Dave Camp                               $814,718.00
  9. PAC to the Future                           Nancy Pelosi                             $814,500.00
  10. Jobs Economy & Budg                  Jeb Hensarling                         $851,719.00
  11. Jobs Opportunities & Edu            Joseph Crowley                        $527,500.00
The Washington Cartel
The Washington Cartel

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