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Update 09-25-2021


Its been a while since we have updated this page. Mostly its because it appeared to us that  even news sources that we have trusted in the past had opted in to grandeur headlines supported by rhetorical redundant old news. Now it seems that Maricopa county’s election audit has finally admitted publicly that the Dominion computers could have and in fact did allow outside persons to change vote tallies. Not only that but they have identified the exact time, and computer location wherein these changes were made.
Now that alone only proves that the Maricopa vote tally was indeed fraudulent but does not indicate  who was actually sitting at the computer doing the dastardly deed. But wait. There were Maricopa county 24-7 video cameras at the scene of the crime. So the election auditors took a further investigative step and matched the exact time the changes were made with the exact time indicated on the video cameras log and guess what?.  There sitting at the identical computer monitors where the fraudulent changes were made were persons who could be identified.  As a retired homicide detective I can verify that perps are not always thinking things out. In this case, the Maricopa perps took the time to insure their identity was not revealed in the Dominion system but they forgot all about their own video cameras. Seems they must believe that  everyone is of the same mental ability as they themselves are.  Bwaaahaaahaaaa  Dominion computer passwords are no doubt created to protect the identity of the user and normally would, but a picture/video of the user actually “using” the suspect computer at the exact second the entries / deletions are made is an old school detective’s “slam dunk”
Maricopa county is refusing to release the names of these persons to protect them.  I for one have no empathy for these persons.  They committed a crime that affects every single citizen in the United States and no doubt they will or have already rat out their accomplices to save their own sorry asses.
Update 1-10-2021

Updated 1-10-2021

Looks as if all of the praying has worked. Information and docs provided by Maria Zollo Zack.

Zack is a Republican activist and has been a Georgia  registered  lobbyist.
Maria Zack is a business strategist, inventor, public speaker and serial entrepreneur. As CEO and founder, Ms. Zack has been successful in creating companies in various fields. She is most fond of her instant success launching a product company that landed her in USA Today twice in the first three weeks of creating the company. This led to the skyrocketing international sales and press!
Ms. Zack also enjoys serving on the Board of Directors of Nations In Action, an organization devoted to spreading freedom globally. Past board positions include Georgia Public Policy Foundation, US Chamber SE Government Affairs Council, the GA Arthritis Foundation, and Team Georgia, a coalition to prevent fatalities on the road and on the water. Maria and her husband, Steve, live on the beach in beautiful south Florida and remain active in their church and philanthropic causes.

Italian Military Satellite Tech. Admits in Affidavit he was ordered to Facilitate Dominion U.S. Vote Change

Additional information implicates Obama in 400 million dollar transfer to Italy President.

Part I

Part II


ITALYGATE: How votes were switched throughout the U.S. Presidential race

Update 01-9-2021

Traitors should be arrested, tried and if found guilty executed. Twitter disagrees

Update 12-19-2020

Update 12-13-2020

In the wake of the US Supreme courts rejection of a request for intervention and relief of 5 US States fraudulent presidential elections by almost half of the US sovereign States militia’s have begun to announce their intentions.  One being the largest militia group in the US, Oath Keepers. “an armed right-wing organization that boasts tens of thousands of members with law enforcement and military backgrounds, was one of several groups to demonstrate in Washington over the weekend at the “Million MAGA March” in support of Donald Trump, whom news networks project has lost the 2020 election.”

I think about half this country won’t recognize Biden as legitimate. They won’t recognize this election,” Stewart Rhodes, who founded the Oath Keepers, told The Independent on Saturday in the nation’s capital.

“What that means is that everything that comes out of his “Biden’s” mouth will be considered not of any force or effect, anything he signs into law we won’t recognize as legitimate. We’ll be very much like the founding fathers. We’ll end up nullifying and resisting,” Mr Rhodes said.

Although some liberal media outlet describe the Oath Keepers organization as “anti Government, the truth is that Oath Keepers only accept current and retired police and military employees and they must pass the scrutiny of Oath Keepers and they must continue to honor their oath to enforce and protect the US Constitution.

“The Anti-Defamation League has described the Oath Keepers as a “heavily armed extremists with a conspiratorial and anti-government mindset looking for potential showdowns with the government.”

The group has projected a robust presence at several key moments of racial crisis in America. In 2014 and 2015, armed members of the group patrolled the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, after the police shooting of Michael Brown and the subsequent riots and demonstrations.

Anti-government conspiracy theories have always been a central part of the Oath Keepers’ ethos, experts have written.

Mr Rhodes, its founder, is a former staffer to GOP Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, the erstwhile perennial presidential candidate.

Mr Rhodes is a graduate of Yale Law School, the alma mater of three of the seven justices currently serving on the US Supreme Court. The independent

Update 12-6-2020

“I Won’t Be Able to Be Interviewed – I Need an Attorney” — Georgia’s Ruby Freeman Lawyers Up, Cancels Interview

Update: 12-6-2020

China’s Political Life rests on the Shoulders of Corrupt Democrats. The motivation is 500 Trillion Dollars per year.

A video that should not be ignored. Watch and share please.

Chinese  whistle blower = 5 million ballots printed and shipped to US. via Canada and Mexico

China Whistleblower with Royal Ancestry Steps Forward – Reveals Video, Photos of Alleged Chinese Counterfeit Ballot Printing Operations of US Ballots for MS, FL and NC

Arizona begins to lay the framework of assuming control of Arizona’s Electoral College Votes by ordering a forensic audit of Dominion equipment

Dominion, Smartmatic, and Sequoia voting systems enterprises  in bed with Hugo Chavez, John Brennan, CIA, The Democratic Party, the Clintons, Bidens, Obama, Britians MI-6 and………..will control democracy.

Update 11-26-2020

Evidence Dominion Analyst, shows how Biden & Dominion stole election.

Update: 11-25-2020

How to Hack and Election in 7 minutes

“Wow, these are a bad idea. They’re just computers, and we know how to tamper with computers.”

Dominion Transferring Vote Ratios between Precincts in PA (Rumble)

A 2014 State of California document indicates Dominion’s agent of record at that time was Boston lawyer Michael Bevilacqua of Wilmer Hale. Former special prosecutor Robert Mueller works for that firm.

What are the company’s ties to the Clinton Foundation? “Dominion Voting” is listed as a $25,000 to $50,000 donor to the Clinton Foundation in 2014 by The Washington Post

Dominion  also hired a lobbying firm with ties to Nancy Pelosi’s former chief of staff.

According to Bloomberg, Dominion Voting Systems “hired … a high-powered firm that includes a longtime aide to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. … Dominion’s first-ever lobbying firm is Brownstein Farber Hyatt and Schreck. Nadeam Elshami, Pelosi’s former chief of staff, is one of the lobbyists on the account.”

According to the company’s website, Dominion serves more than 40% of U.S. voters, including customers in 28 states and Puerto Rico and nine of the top 20 counties. The company says it has partnered with 1,300 jurisdictions. The map below shows where the company’s machines are used. This is the information the company gives about its work in key battleground states that were helping determine the presidential election:

Michigan: “Ranked the #1 system by a state review panel in 2018, 65 of 83 counties have chosen Democracy Suite.”

Georgia: “2020 statewide voting system rollout, with 33,000 ImageCast X BMDs, serving 159 counties.”

Arizona: “Serving 2.2 million Maricopa County voters with Democracy Suite 5.5 paired with the ImageCast X, ImageCast Precinct, and ImageCast Central.”

Nevada: “Designed for its Clark County debut in 2017, the ImageCast X with VVPAT now supports 16 of 17 Counties.”

Smartmatic’s chairman is a member of the British House of Lords, Mark Malloch Brown, a former vice-chairman of George Soros’ Investment Funds, former vice-president at the World Bank, lead international partner at Sawyer Miller, a political consulting firm, and former vice-chair of the World Economic Forum.

Voting System ExaminationDominion Voting SystemsDemocracy Suite 5.5-A

Adjudication results can be lost. In the January exam, during adjudication of the ballots in the test election, one of the Dominion representatives made a series of mistakes that caused the entire batch of adjudication results to be lost. We did not see this problem again during this exam, but the adjudication system is unchanged, so this vulnerability is still present.

Voting System Qualification Test Report Dominion Voting Systems, Inc.

Infrared (IR)Security Sensor The infrared (IR) paper sensor is a security feature which, when enabled for an election on the ICE or ICP, allows only ballots printed on special IR-reactive paper ballot stock to be cast.The I Rpaper sensor contained in the ICE and ICP scanners detects paper infused with IR-reactive elements; when paper without the IR-reactive elements is inserted (as in the case of a fraudulent ballot), the tabulator rejects it.Counties have the option to enable this feature and print their ballots on the IR-reactive paper (IR security ballot stock), or use conventional ballot stock with the feature disabled. A test deck of IR-reactive paper ballots was scanned through a G1130 Canon brand scanner to ensure that, in the case of a recount, the scanners would accept ballots using this type of paper.

Update:: 11-24-2020

Brian Trascher told NEWSMAX in a Nov. 18 interview that the Trump team has recovered raw data from Dominion Voting servers seized in Germany. He said the data will be made public, including information about U.S. election servers, why they were overseas, how ballots were converted from one candidate to another and how such a massive, all-American cheating system worked. In the afternoon of November 19, Trump’s legal team held a press conference at Capitol Hill. During the Q&A at the conference, a reporter asked Trump’s attorney, Sidney Powell, a question. Q: “It has been said that U.S. election data is being transferred overseas for processing. There were reports that a piece of hardware possibly a server was picked up in Germany. Is that true and is it related to this”? Apparently, as the Trump White House continues to govern, Trump has also experienced hostility from people within the administration, and this continued to happen over the past four years. For example, during a recent internal meeting, when Trump simply mentioned the possible option to bombard Iran’s nuclear facilities, as Iran’s uranium stockpile for its nuclear program has exceeded the prescribed limit by a factor of 12. It was leaked to the New York Times by unknown sources inside the Pentagon.”

As a retired police detective, I learned from experience that money is truly the root of all evil.  How did I learn this? By experiencing that a large percentage of the crimes (no matter what size) I investigated were influenced or even caused by the perpetrators expectation of monetary reward. So to make my job easier when there was no obvious “smoking gun” I began to follow the money and nine times out of ten it led me to people who gained from the crime being investigated.   I have not written on this (my) web site in a long time as I am retired, but the smell of this whole Smartmatic thing jarred my investigative senses.  This article is in no way complete. It might take years to fully investigate some of the things I found in just a few hours on the internet.

So where to begin?  Money. The people who are involved in vote fraud going on in the United States could not have succeeded as well as they did without a financial sponsor. I began by investigating the backgrounds of the key players and all the indicators pointed at none other than George Soros. Of course his name is not printed on the currency that paid for the vote fraud crimes but as in other crimes I investigated, if it looks, walks and talks like a duck, it is a duck. Additionally, the source of funding to the ANTIFA and other groups that are terrorizing our country should also be traced. It would not be surprising that all of these anti government activities came from the same source.

Trump’s lawyers are apparently doing a good job a proving that the Dominion- Smartmatic software did in fact manipulate votes. This is good and may be enough to create immediate solutions. But who is the funder and the instigator with ultimate responsibility? That determination will take some time to prove. No doubt lower level Dominion responsibility will be identified as “fall guys”.  We now know that the Dominion group has “lawyered up“. To me this means fear of prosecution. It also means the rats will begin to feed on each other.  And don’t be surprised to see witnesses or defendants disappear or murdered.

This type of controlling criminal acts when hidden from sight is exactly why we have the RICO Act.  Remember the famous crook, “Scar face” Al Capone? He made millions illegally selling alcohol, murders etc;  but the Government could never directly connect him to any of the crimes.  Except tax evasion. Capone could not explain where he got his money without incriminating himself so he didn’t claim any income on his returns. Hence the RICO act. Soros is associated with multiple players in this election fraud but, through his mouth pieces, claims no direct knowledge and certainly no direct funding. He is a master at hiding his money.

So George Soros should not get a pass simply because there is no proof of historical connection to the Dominion / Smartmatic group of companies. Trust me as I write this, there is at the very least a circumstantial  Soros connection to all of it.  And he certainly has the money to do it without assistance.

I no longer have the benefit of getting information using police sources and equipment, but really, today an individual can  get more information via the internet than I could back in the 80’s when I was a cop. (legally or otherwise)

I found , without too much effort, Smartmatic, Dominion Voting systems and Sequoia Voting systems paper have connections to, believe it or not, Barrack Obama, Joe Biden and his son, Kamala Harris, the British Government MI6 via Lord Brown, and of course George Soros, Verizon (owned Bizta), Hugo Chavez, (bought Bizta – Smartmatic from Verizon), Clintons and Pelosi.

I now understand why Trump’s attorneys cannot accurately describe, in a brief interview, the massive scope of criminal associations involved in the Dominion, Smartmatic use to fabricate, and control who gets what votes and when without any relationship to the actual paper voting process. See this.

What and who are Dominion/ Smartmatic / Sequoia and their subsidiaries?

Dominion Voting Systems Corporation was founded in 2002 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by John Poulos and James Hoover.[8] The company develops proprietary software in-house and sells electronic voting hardware and software, including voting machines and tabulators, in the United States and Canada. The company currently maintains headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, and Denver, Colorado.(Wiki Hugo Chavez (deceased) owns the propitiatory rights to the Dominion software. Dominion’s claim that Dominion alone owns the software is apparently a lie. The initial purchase of Dominion did not include the propitiatory software ownership. it still belongs to Hugo’s estate.  Try as they might, they cannot prove there is no relationship between Dominion and Hugo Chavez.

In June 2003, the Venezuelan government bought through an intermediary, Omar Montilla Castillo, a 28% participation in a company called Bizta R&D Software C.A. for 300 million Bolivares [link]. Bizta was owned by Antonio Mugica and the late Alfredo Jose Anzola, and was part of a consortium of companies (Smartmatic, Bizta, CANTV or SBC) contracted by Venezuela to automatise elections (Smartmatic Revisited)

January 2004: An official from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Omar Montilla Castillo, is appointed director of Bitza in representation of the actions of the Venezuelan State. Omar Montilla Castillo is the son of Omar Castillo, who was secretary of the Chávez Council of Ministers and his campaign manager in the 1998 presidential elections.  Staple Street Capitol purchased Dominion in 2018.

Smartmatic was supposedly founded by Antonio Mugica and Roger Pinate in 2000. The company was founded in the aftermath of the 2000 U.S. presidential election controversy in Florida. Antonio Mugica has been the CEO since the company started.

Smartmatic outlined its ownership in 2006. The company revealed that CEO Antonio Mugica owned 78.8 percent of the business, Roger Pinate owned 8.47 percent, Jorge Massa Dustou owned 5.97 percent, Alfredo Anzola owned 3.87 percent, and employees owned 2.89 percent. However, releasing the information hasn’t put the controversy to rest about who really owns Dominion – Smartmatic.

John Poulos (CEO Dominion)  sworn statement

The public is demanding to know more about Dominion and Smartmatic and Smartmatic’s, associated companies, amid the controversy-riddled 2020 U.S. presidential election between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Trump think that the election was rigged in favor of Biden, in part through voting technology supplied by Smartmatic and other companies.  I agree.

Does Smartmatic and Dominion have a history of involvement in questionable voting ballot tallies? Yes.a

Mugica admitted his software (created for Hugo Chavez) could be hacked to rig an election when he told a press conference in London that Maduro’s Venezuela government had inflated the turnout by around a million. But he revealed he had failed to inform the proper authorities in Venezuela before his press conference, claiming “I guess we probably thought that the authorities would not be sympathetic to what we had to say.”

In 2014, Smartmatic launched the SGO Corp Ltd in London whose primary asset is the election tech & voting machine producer with Lord Malloch-Brown as Chairman.
Sir Nigel Knowles, Global CEO of DLA Piper (where Kamala Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff is a partner), joined SGO board.

While the chairman of Smart Matics and the SGO Group, Mark Malloch-Brown, serves on the Open Society Foundations Global Board — founded by George Soros — SmartMatics is not owned by Soros himself, despite what some posts circulating widely on social media suggested. However, one may find some of George Soro’s’ money in the SGO coffers via Open Society Foundations grants.

MI6-British intel connection

In defense of George Soros “Business Insider” says in their article (George Soros is the subject of one of the more misguided conspiracy theories of the election) claims “Here’s the problem: Soros does not own the company in question. Also, the Smartmatic voting machines are not even going to be used in this year’s election.”  Nice try but as false as Joe Biden’s college degrees. No mention that Smartmatic’s office shares office space (same floor)  with Soros and probably enjoy tea each afternoon together with Lord Brown.

George Soros Employee Owns Defective Switch-Vote Biden Machines Canada Free Press

Canada’s top 40??

Poulos is the founding President and CEO of Dominion Voting. He met James Hoover during a previous business venture in Silicon Valley where, together, they established an ambitious goal: to build a voting system that was so transparent even the most skeptical critic would have confidence in its accuracy. From small beginnings in 2003 doing an election in Quinte West, Ont., Dominion is now in about 150 municipalities and has been used in a number of provincial elections. It also has voting machines in 1,000 United States counties across 35 states.
Canada tweets it doesn’t use Dominion voting systems?

The company (Smartmatic)  is part of SGO Group, headquartered in London, which describes itself as “a family of ventures” that is also working on technology to address issues such as identity verification, air pollution and government efficiency. SGO reported a profit of $10.3 million on revenues of $129.2 million in 2015, the latest figures on file at Britain’s Companies House.

Smartmatic, which says it has counted 3.7 billion votes on five continents, has a core mission to stop voter fraud. Its clients range from Belgium and Estonia to Armenia, the Philippines and Haiti.  and of course Venezuela . “Legitimate elections are essential to any modern democracy,” the company says on its website.

Hugo Chavez

Mugica (Smartmatic founder) said there was a discrepancy of “at least 1 million votes” between the turnout figure announced by the Venezuelan government ( and those recorded by Smartmatic’s systems. He didn’t specify whether Smartmatic’s turnout figures were 1 million higher or lower than the more than 8 million votes announced by the Hugo Chavez government.

The Miami Herald reported on Friday May 28, 2004 [F2 EDITION]:

A large and powerful investor in the software company that will design electronic ballots and record votes for Venezuela’s new and much criticized election system is the Venezuelan government itself… Venezuela’s investment in Bizta Corp., the ballot software firm, gives the government 28 percent ownership of the company it will use to help deliver voting results in future elections, including the possible recall referendum against President Hugo Chavez, according to records obtained by The Herald… Until a year ago, the Bizta Corp. was a struggling Venezuelan software company with barely a sales deal to its name, records show. Then, the Venezuelan government — through a venture capital fund — invested about $200,000 and bought 28 percent of it“.

The Dominion Voting system was first designed for Hugo Chavez to “win” and “keep” himself in office. It was also used in the 2020 US Elections, in fact, it was used in all six swing states. And it unilaterally helped one team with late-night voter tallies. Only one direction, only one party. Always. Interesting how that works.

2006- “Following news reports last week alleging a connection between the Smartmatic Corp. and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Sequoia Voting Systems Inc. and its parent the Smartmatic Corp, on Sunday announced that the companies have voluntarily submitted a notice to the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). The companies filed voluntarily in order to allow the U.S. government to review Smartmatic’s acquisition of Sequoia.” 2006 Government Technology

“Two national security journalists Mary Fanning and Alan Jones, reported, in Feb. 2009, that the Obama administration commandeered this powerful supercomputer system (voting process) (Smartmatic) into elections and so they could steal votes. Obama and Biden used the system to win Florida in the 2012 presidential election. The DNC used it to help Joe Biden win the Democratic primary election against Bernie Sanders.”

Trump’s team thinks that Smartmatic provided technology to Dominion Voting Systems, whose machines and software were used in the election. Peter Neffenger, a member of Biden’s transition team, is a Smartmatic board member, which fueled the controversy over Smartmatic’s role in the election.

Days before the 2020 election important news was buried. On September 30 a report in the Philadelphia Inquirer detailed that “a laptop and several memory sticks”used to program Dominion voting machines in Philadelphia had mysteriously vanished.

But concerns about Dominion had begun far earlier.

Do  Smartmatic , Dominion and Sequoia have an association with George Soros and Joe Biden?  Yes, at leas an (arms length) ” Smartmatic’s holding company is chaired by an associate of influential Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros. Neffenger is also a member of a think-tank that recently received funding from the Ukrainian firm that employed Biden’s son.” (Its a money shell game)

“Smartmatic’s voting solution was first implemented in the August 2004 recall referendum against President Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, and was successful in helping Chávez secure 59% of the votes. This result was met with accusations of electoral fraud. At the time questions were only raised about the election process and patterns. Nobody focused on the Smartmatic voting system. The good people of Venezuela had no idea that an invisible hand was manipulating the referendum.”  The link Between Dominion, Sequoia, Smartmatic, and the CCP (GNEWS.ORG)


Wikileaks (Smartmatic) CONFIDENTIAL DOC:







Operation Hammer was exposed by whistle blower Dennis Lee Montgomery who was born on July 9, 1953. Montgomery worked for the CIA, DIA, and NSA from 2003 to 2010.

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JD Benish is a retired police investigator with many years of investigative experience. He now lives abroad. He has authored several books and was recently a guest investigative source on an A&E production. His books can be reviewed on this site.

2020 Stolen Election by Dominion Voter Systems – Hammer & Scorecard

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