RAMP Emergency VA Appeals program in place for Vets




UPDATE: 02-09-2019 

Trump signs $55 billion bill to give vets more healthcare options, VA overhaul and more  Link

This law is Public Law 11. Donald Trump’s newly approved VA law, the Rapid Appeals Modernization Program simply referred to as RAMP goes into effect in February of 2019. 5-55. However the Trump administration is allowing vets who currently have benefit appeals in progress to “opt in” to this new program immediately. It should be known that some vets have been waiting for their appeals to be heard for years and some have died waiting and they nor their families will ever realize the benefits promised to them as a result of their service.

There are two “Opt in” choices provided and both strive to put a stop to the Veterans Administration’s appeal abuse through needles stalling of providing medical monetary benefits as a result of medical problems caused by their service.

Letters are currently being sent out to all US Veterans who have their appeals process in limbo with no action taken.  This immediate Opt In option must be taken advantage of quickly as the Congressional law will take effect in just a few months and at that time Vets will be automatically enrolled in the new system.  The OPT IN pre and immediate option is put into motion by simply signing a letter authorizing the Veterans Administration to take immediate action on old claims.

If you are a veteran and have not received your letter you can call 1-800-827-1000. After stating the reason for your call you will be transferred to specialists who will assist you in understanding the new law and offer guidance. After receiving your docs you may fax the letter to your regional VA office to get the ball rolling.   I faxed mine in last night. I have been waiting since 2006 and the specialist told me that nothing has been done since I processed the appeal.  Obama, Clinton and the Bush family have sent Veterans into harms way for generations and have looked the other way as the Veterans Administration violated congressional laws to provide Benefits for Veterans.


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